He Told You Marcellous …


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Author : Robbie

It’s a free world. If your not happy with the freedoms that your ANCESTORS fought to make you a FREE human being, then maybe you should take your sorry ass back to Africa.
Imagine if you have the capability to see what your life would be like, if you would even be alive, to have been born in Africa.

You pull a clip from a movie that was made in the 21st century that depicted life over 160 years ago. The book Roots was written in the 21st century. It was a depiction of the authors interpretation and spun to make a multi million dollars. You were pulled into the spin. It was a fictional book based on possible events, not true events.

Grow up. Deal with the here and now, not what happened over 160 years ago.

Realize also that the Native Americans were treat equally as bad. Less then 100 years ago, millions of Jews were slaughtered like animals.
Deal with today to become a better human being and stop whining about something you did NOT endure.

and some one i know wrote back saying

only a white person could respond like this….or maybe a COON, which is essentially a black person lacking the authoritative undermining qualities of apathy and compassion. An ignorant fool sometimes with a flare for rhetoric. Anyway the dialogue of 160 yrs ago only puts us back at 1849, pre antebellum era, span of the industrial revolution. I say industrial revolution to make a point….white folks were at the foyer of major profits to soon come, once again off the labor of our ancestors. Now the parallel. 1849 is long after the triumphant times our peoples celebrated before european insurgents begain to pillage and infect truly the richest soils ever known to man. Riches. Key word power. Yes there was a time that existed when we as a people were not only full of riches in monetary wealth, but riches of community, the actual hallmark of a nation. With these riches came POWER! Power to govern our own day to day activities and socialized system of affairs. Yes as with all who govern with power there are a few who abuse the privilege and exploit their own kind. Yes we as black people have done it to our own before and continue to do it this day. However, yes white people have done it to their own and emphatically continue to do it to not only themselves but for lack of a better word, all people. You see Mr. Robbie, the problem I have with you is not your tone but your ignorance or lack of TRUE knowledge. To quote you…”Realize also that the Native Americans were treat equally as bad. Less then 100 years ago, millions of Jews were slaughtered like animals.”Deal with today…in the America we live in you can not deal with today without reflecting the past. The adage that unless you know your past you are likely to repeat it holds true even in this era. The current treatment and general views of Native Americans, Jews, Asians, Hispanic, etc is a direct correlation of past. To also quote you again…” to become a better human being and stop whining about something you did NOT endure.” Interesting you say to become a better human. A “better human” would respond with empathy for the original statement posted and try to inquire for any justfication and grounds for such a comment. For the record Roots is a depiction of a true and actual account from Mr. Alex Haley. One who was fortunate to chronicle some keynote family, events and milestones. I believe that is also what we call today HISTORY, which is nothing more than a chronicle of the same characteristics. That is the problem with a few white people. They fail to acknowledge, accept, and understand the history of other cultures and how it’s impact can shape they way they see themselves and also how others view them. It is deemed only true when they (white people) author the stories and accounts scribed in various books and literature as reference. But enough. You obvious are not a black person like i stated at the beginning of this response….and if you are it’s sad in 2009 walking into 2010 black people are still yet to be freed. Being free is more than physically unbound by chains and bondage, if your mind is enslaved the fight continues.

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