standards of the sheep

land of sheep by Marcellous Lovelace
land of sheep by Marcellous Lovelace

The american public is lead to the slaugher like sheep. People love to be lied to and believe what feels good. Perception is the publics blind fold. The general public accepts what they hear, because they would rather take what they can get than make a choice.

The United States is Melting Pot that is not oil and water. Are we all carbon based life forms, are we all HUE MAN? A large place with multiple personality. A large case study of confussion! What is the Public and whose voice counts. Living in the land of possibility, not an exact science.

Information and facts keep people in fear. Sleep is like death thats why most people walk around in Zombieland not knowing anything. People are in fantasy world, affraid of coming out of the cave. War and Slavery (what you don’t know can hurt you).

American people love being stupid and not knowing, drinking and smoking brings a greater relief than learning. Lead the lamb to the slaughter.


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