Why Disconsolate? BY Marcus Garvey


Why Disconsolate?

Oh, traveler, disconsolate!
Thine heart may yet in solace be,
So brood ye not as if from Fate
Ignoble thou canst not be free.
Let’s journey to the heights of love,
And cast behind the fears of death;
There is no death in life above,
For man is truly spiritual breath.

You are an entity of Grace
Divine, yes, partly God in One:
Your image is divine in race,
Although you may be mortal man
Go seek the knowledge of the law,
Go make yourself the ford of earth;
See then the light that Moses saw,
That gave him vision of this worth!

To be yourself in triumph great,
You must the world in truth subdue:
Stamp out the evil thought of fate,
And manly courage then pursue:
The vineyards of the world are yours;
Go ye and have your rightful share,
For Nature opened all her doors
To you, in love, beyond compare.

October 29, 1927

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