Researching the African Presence in Asia: The Challenge Ahead of Us

Researching the African Presence in Asia:
The Challenge Ahead of Us

By Chancellor James Williams

I only made passing reference in the work to Blacks scattered outside of Africa over the world–not from the slave trade, but dispersions that began in prehistory. This fact alone indicates the great tasks of future scholarship on the real history of the race. We are actually just on the threshold, gathering up some important missing fragments. The biggest jobs are still ahead.

Ancient China and the Far East, for example, must be a special area of African research. How do we explain such a large population of Blacks in Southern China–powerful enough to form a kingdom of their own? Or the Black people of…the Malay peninsula, Indo-China. The heavy concentration of Africans in India…open still another interesting field for investigation. Even the “Negroid” finds in early Europe appear not to be as challenging as the Black population centers in Asia. Our concern is with great and dominant populations. These are the Blacks who have so puzzled Western scholars that some theorize that Asia or Europe may be the homeland of Africans after all. The African populations in Palestine, Arabia, and Mesopotamia are better known, although the centuries of Black rule over Palestine, South Arabia and in Mesopotamia should be studied and elaborated in more detail. All of the this will call for a new kind of scholarship, a scholarship without any mission other than the discovery of truth, and one that will not tremble with fear when that truth is contrary to what one prefers to believe.

The Destruction of Black Civilization, by Chancellor Williams

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