Riots in Disguise: Black Winter 2009

I @ 720

We live in a world where people hide behind there true feelings and thoughts and are afraid to express themselves as is. They have to sugar coat what they think do and say.

Where Africans who who happen to be Ex – Slaves in America run around with muzzles on not able to express there thoughts. We allow the madness of being brain washed and forced fed hypocritical bigots rhetoric to be the rule of thumb. Who are you and what do you honor? Is Truth reality or is Fantasy your story? You accept what your punisher tells you as law! You have no time and place of your own to think freely, everything you do is within the confines of restriction.

When you finally break out the box of laws and restrictions and become the thoughts that are inside your mind than you will honestly be expressing your self correctly.

Do not be controlled by another person, monkey, cow, chicken, rat, simian, oppression, planned parent hood, history, television show, ministry, worship, religion, priest, cult, demand, word, persuasive argument and or people. This same person who don’t have you in his best interest because you are only learning one thing in this system and thats how to follow orders correctly. Slave is all you are and forever will be these are passed down by law:

Just to name a few

1675—An estimated 100,000 Africans are enslaved in the West Indies and another 5,000 are in British North America.

1676—Nathaniel Bacon leads an unsuccessful rebellion of whites and blacks against the English colonial government in Virginia.

1681—Maryland laws mandate that children of European servant women and African men are free.

1682—A new slave code in Virginia prohibits weapons for slaves, requires passes beyond the limits of the plantation and forbids self-defense by any African Americans against any European American.

1685—New York law forbids enslaved Africans and Native Americans from having meetings or carrying firearms.

1688—Quakers in Germantown, Pennsylvania denounce slavery in the first recorded formal protest in North America against the enslavement of Africans.

1690—By this year, all English colonies in America have enslaved Africans.

Enslaved Africans and Native Americans in Massachusetts plan a rebellion.

1692—The Virginia House of Burgesses enacts the Runaway Slave Law making it legal to kill a runaway in the course of apprehension.

1693—All fugitive Africans who have escaped slavery in the British colonies and fled to Florida are granted their freedom by the Spanish monarchy.

1694—The introduction of rice into the Carolina colony, ironically from West Africa, increases the need for labor for emerging plantations. This adds another factor to the economic justification and rationalization for expanding the slave trade.

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