nothing is ?? + a video: Black Star x Roots – History (on TV)

not close to the edge we walk alone on our own sorrows and griefs
beauty in the unknown and what is not or ever will be

everything is not known or explained – I lost interest once you lost a since of direction and time my awareness is beyond perception

One reason people fear those who stand for something and are not trapped in confusion is because they are in fear and trapped in confusion they can’t figure out which path to take so they meander through life attempting to find the right way to follow (OR PERSON) Confidence is something you grow into and a form of Freedom from Experiences(knowing is a sure thing) Fear is A BAD ENDING Don’t let your self down

Video: Black Star x The Roots on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon

The other night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, history was made (as well as performed). Watch as Black Star reunites to perform “History” with some help from The Roots crew (and The Dirty Projectors ). “History” appears on Mos Def ‘s album, The Ecstatic, which is in stores now.

from: Okayplayer

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