She knew life because she gave birth and lived to be practical. In a none tactical life style she relished in her own warmth. So mysterious the hell was collapsed and from no where nothing came to pass, he was aware. Not frightened by the unknown and confusing he didn’t chase vanity. From the inside of sanity he revoked your license and took away your privilege. The only way you can get over is by replicating his sentence. They couldn’t create a line so they trace images, lies are told. People don’t follow they own path they imitate nothing and his greatness was yet to come. You wait for your discovery channel. Some are confused don’t know the fragment as its indented stealing permission asking for recovery. They relapse and debate over what time to use confused by the instruments. Some don’t know the sound so she walks the earth chasing new charges crying for his attention, his hand was closed. Erasing chemistry from his adobe slowly looking for the passage from the good word. She visits the man to see if he has the instructions basic. On earth some leave no room to exercise the tantrum caused looking for activity from souls so prehistoric, before her time. She lives in a place many don’t know they go home to uncover the shadow of yesterday. Birth was giving to the foundlings wondering for the right breath. No one is left so the hands used both ways to show where we stand in an untitled echo looking to dance. They boycott what they catch so they can see the next for nothing else living with self a slave still in the clouds looking to come down. You only use your air to exhale your own fears.

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