for a little less than before

A place not seen but often heard
Reminded by the day that performs night

And she walks in the world looking for this place. Something to think about in a world like Pine Bluff we take steps. On the wall names are tags, we see the ships in the day. Opening the portal to another nothing passing the dust to life. Getting up on your law so easily persuaded into pleasure. Exercise that breath he is not your companion stop asking and stop reading. This is not that complicated waiting on Ocean Tides. Life is good they contact to entrance and see the day and night the beginning at the end. Wasting time to get up and stretch your arms in less. Looking for Treats to Keep it moving. Yeah until we actually can intrepid what is said, She slides on by as the crust seeps into the mantle, saying I just want to cry. The pain hurts tears in my eyes I can’t see. Walking up a deserted stair case looking for more. Trash is turned in cash for a quick buck. Creative minds they don’t approve of. Its to much thinking going on, they can decipher the entire act. Actions are read aloud from the sounds on the streets. He reads deeper into the nothing that you portray. Turning pages and burning books. They steal a quick peak down a lonely rode. He still around under ancient Tao lessons that interact the art with pure science we learn. Nothing is passed down to the next generation. We waiting and hesitating for that long distance call. Its no more of no one to do nothing for. We are ignored and horrified by the continuos drama she performs.


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