The Magic Button

2009 peace is the destination
2009 peace is the destination - painted Dec 1st 2009
In this situation he learned that it would not matter if she knew. Now is no longer safe he’s faced to face with his own case of insanity. Laughing she walks away justified that his punishment was not severe enough to just deal with a minor brush with the laws. With them good old boys from way back than, they keep warm. Can barley afford to mistreat. Your voice is not the sound he wants to hear. Not like the other people every sign every step of the way. Your resistance forces her into a rage. As she sits laughing at this rhetoric over doctors bills. She brags about going organic and eating bacon and cornish hens. The roll of the drum pedals beat up against the glory hole. Peeking in to see the Tiger Woods on CNN. Still to black to avoid scrutiny. The only way that black boy gets away is in hunters camouflage. On her long walk home she screams at night wishing to see the sights and improve upon self that this is a dream come true. Your blessings are now mere fragments of yesteryear. Nothing was done directly, he totally avoids home. Its to cold in many ways the family he used to trust is now all messed up. Over the induce of poison, his mother adds this portrait is better than her sons. He wonders off into the past of his minds failed symphonies. While others pretend to love her easy. He just did and ran into his reality from his potential. She turned the knob and climbed back into the stair case falling down deeper into fantasy world. Time is of the essence she adds. Now you are to tainted to pursue the virgin islands, your true romance is confident. He got a high intuition that this will all go north real soon. As she gets up from the wood floors that she loved so much inside the home and garden interior. Poor people are some what unreal in expectations breathing for things they don’t need. Listening to see what other chickens feed on. They be on a whole different criteria the months went to fast that young man couldn’t pay his half. What do it all mean if intelligence is what you sing or sang. That dude that showed up at columbia south american is a herb like spices. He’s now promoting the future but never really had a past. Business degrees can get you in great spaces locked in hatred. Knowledge is the only key to enthuse the unenthusiastic. Replace what you take or just explain what is gone before its gone to live and die in L.A.

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