Still watch who you let rent space in your mind

2009 help your self know (transgressions)
2009 help your self know (transgressions) = you are like a fake version of what great is! While i'm not talking to you I was being great.
She said these thoughts and Ideas are to intense I can’t keep up. She like dude you are to consistent, you can do something repeatedly every day of the week and I can’t do one thing ever. And the soul collapses on colossal steps as they walk the nile river valley looking for kings in the coldest month of the year. At-least thats what I thought, its worse in March she said. Its all good if you stay with me tonight so I granted her wish. Never no more will these lames score in the game to win. Dominate all perimeters I told you punks I am not your friends. I don’t have any of those I’m my own afraid self in my personal universe pointing fingers at me. The green light said go, I have the ability to out complex confusion and still lay dormant for years. She said I’m off to see the wizard down the yellow brick road. My head was spinning from the torment of idiotic foolishness. Its in your nature to lie, so its in my nature to sting you until you cant feel your limbs. Moving becomes an obstacle and you are permanently imbalanced forever. Its to much to say in a very small amount of time she said I can’t comprehend that fast. Tricking to pull you in to some cold windstorm played by Casio Keyboards. Pursue my happiness faster than Rubics Amazing little cubes with textures and dot matrix. Layers of sound cable so we can hear through the floor the abuse you endured what was it all for.

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