permanent stains on the utensils

2009 look to fix your self now
2009 look to fix your self now
And then all of sudden he woke up from the deepest sleep an insomniac could ever have. Unfazed by the halfed backed onion heads who sold lies by the bundle. Telling girls parts of his sacred society escapades into lustful rendezvous. How he sold her love for the price of an artery. Leaving no space to sign signatures on bad parts touched out of suspicion. Dealing with this she quickly told the feds that this breath control was to violent. He used radioactivity to tap into the sound waves of a disturbed family. Folks are nervous and broke. Running around in arctic climates with long johns as clothing. Looking for Nexus on Zion’s eye. Zoned through the barrier briefly staying away input to output. Love is home so she told him to sign the best deal on any piece of loose leaf paper. Creatively speaking. Thinking that love holds hands and keeps a grasp on the tightest breaths in reality. Since don’t nothing really matter any way we can chat the night away and use all this jargon to say nothing. We are no where away from the land speed. We can slow down and obey the law. This guy is a bloody genius he’s up almost 24 hours a day only 10 to 20 times more improved then his closest competitor. You sorry they said, she don’t want you in the bed room. He just talking out his neck and not saying anything of substance. Lost in another dimensional to the 9th power of nine he recites these long run in’s with the law official. A family apart I told her to stop complaining about everything stuff happens, don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is not worth the bitching all the time. She looked at him from a distance to afraid to be honest. I played a game with a friend of mines friend and we did a little number. But no hugs no love no nothing, shoot I don’t even know what I want. I need time to think, and figure this out. What a sad story as the borough dweller cursed him out with such veracity. Is that right in the wrong land he hypocrites her hand I am Man.


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