Burnt Toast Early

2009 equation of numbers
2009 equation of numbers - Master of getting done, think to long and time will past you by (( prolific ))
His last sentence hit very close to home. I’m alarmed on a tour for awards. Pass the popcorn we don’t eat no ham and eggs. Excuse me I stay fresh, the lesson was planned out. Off the hook and chain bar code scam, forget me nots. Drop to the last paragraph and evacuate your self from the ways of the wild. A miracle at the best parking place for you whip, Tip the chef dog like a q. Expectations get you looking for alimony and child support. We shouldn’t even pay those divorce fees in a spousal support situation. Case of the vagrant west coast avenger with anger. People take there short comings out on you because of what they believe. No more of anything not even for a second. People are not even associated for a minute, you over stated those points in your assault of the page. Turn the channel aint nothing on. We are gone for now for what ever reason you ask its to windy in this mild temperature. The winter is not your friend or mine. Can’t even walk out side how you gonna cultivate something when you are not even there. Every week I can create from an empty space and start fresh. Listen you ignorant child stop asking me these dumb questions. I’m beyond what ever you are trying to be. I’m creative that means I’m free. You bite another to even slightly try to be. Exist. And don’t you try to remember, get that clean slate?

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