2009 freud and the dance home story
2009 freud and the dance home story
Early morning Mist of loves greatest kiss removed. An interlude of nothing has caught my eye contact so I can see. We dance in the night and kiss in the morning ignoring aroused thoughts of innocent romance. We embrace each other to feed sweet somethings into ours ears. The police seek these kids for reasons known. One world governments and new ways home I’m the opening door. My family is my only thing that matters easy star. Rise again to conquer tomorrows gross attempts at waking up to soon. A broom to jump over I enhance every sleepless moment with more of you to dream. I am passion a very plain man who works towards his goals. We here to teach these kids. You here to beat these kids into submission and no one listens. Your dreams get a death ear to no dial tone ringing. Some where down the streets of good hope and faith the hardest working nomad on the streets today. We play sax piano trumpets in clear baritone cadence. Soul unique he reaches for more of that down home blues from that mississippi water. Kids are currently removed from reality no trace of there history or her story she is god and suppose to be. But she has taken a minimal role to clean up the mans house so good. Sweeping that old skin dust from the body ashes drop and we keep looking for love. Its inside you they so silently told the few that would listen. Do you all hear me? Its something wrong with you all I’m coming back once a month in a new network the most well equipped voice on the street. His people said just design another you out for fame. These dude are mere earthlings looking for foreign acts of domestic support lover.


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