colors in large areas

2009 treated like you seek
2009 treated like you seek
As what’s said is taken for the wrong story told looking for his path to glory. Due Immediately the choice is yours he walks through fire. And breaks the mold of old sold people looking for a way home. On my on path I lower the standards of what things are made of. I think god will find away lift your head to the sky and march on. We are the ones who make this all so simple. They said in the dark you can’t see nobody. I’m not that curious I’m just concerned about your safety. I want to help you but you said don’t care. Never allow the mask to be your face. Don’t begin to let lies be your fate. No comment, no point in conversation where you have to argue. One is tame only for so long everything is not yours. Confidence is not overprotected unimportant please for the first time ever. This is not your everyday fairy tell that children tell just wrap up the story. I’m falling asleep. How can I get to the point and you not make any sense. Comprehending nothing to walk no where that fast. Get home and get your weapons before they blast at you. A variety of many craft lessons for student that don’t know the arts. We ran out of cash so we couldn’t get home. Broken hearts mend together while others pull apart.

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