I don’t know what i’m talking about!!!!

2009 cosmic episodes of a better tomorrow
2009 cosmic episodes of a better tomorrow
I wake up the masses with thought everlasting noise is beat into your heart. Erasable objects fall from favor from the top of the sky peace tells you later. I exchange my thoughts from yesterday into today and make up stuff. They are wondering what to do next with they self we come out better than others. Public interest becomes a rare phenomenon and to the many major few. Others wonder what to do next, we text message enemies our darkest secrets. Exposed be the wisdom of the truth today in a grand total please recycle. Predetermined guess can be educated by the informed scholars that advertise the news. Olive branch listings cause tone failure for the select few. We read what we want to read update current charges. Summary usage for a grand total of an infinite amount. We read to make sense and learn what we need to know a liberator of self. So from this point on we are going to give these girls something to think about and something to do besides getting pregnant by some ignorant fool. Who’s the fool him or you, she asks can we goto KMART blue light special. What’s meant to be will happen organic love I don’t know what to think. Who wins in the long run who’s open to it, others charges are organized. We learn directly and indirectly and to the point.

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