Alkaline Supper for Dinner

2009 let your self in the room
2009 let your self in the room
My mind exchanges yesterday for today and reached to the wind to release the song of back than. Some they try to get it but we will not lend. Space to the fake who want to write this off looking for the moment where the avenues lost. Incapable of being supreme many get stopped and boxed in a dream. How you better then some body when you never did nothing. How is your nothing worth the assumption. Wait freeze young man now hold up, your euro standards of living need to slow up. What makes you thing that fat meat aint greasy. You be lil kids listening to young sissy’s. Am I wrong he found his own path home. Gone sing a song about a place you don’t belong, you can try to be something that you never were. Looking like a man disguising as a her. So what for scores of the games are low. I’m able to innovate and make my own flow. I enhance with out room for a dance. For a moment we discover what it takes to find another that was looking from the gutter now that is like nothing. Wanting more so they can never pretend bend the next syllable so you want pretend. Spending your time lost trying to find your way. Falling out of place can no longer stand in the way. Pimps is lost because the G was for the man. Looking lost on stage like you making the band.

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