Away from Yesterday

2009 She is her last reward
2009 She is her last reward - from inside you don't really know who is home. So you eat the school lunch just to belong.
You are only half the words you can think of. Not really from the place you want to be. As you sit some where comfortable with that look on your face asking the question why is life forsaken me. I interlude and intrigue the wondering eyes of children on the pill. On the fantasy drugs of evil compassion to highly educated concepts of nothing. It all means the same thing and no one has the truth. Just opinions from people who have never been no where. Fast or slow you have to inspire your self some how. Nothing can be your only agenda you are programmed by machines and hearts that don’t work. You curse because words don’t have a home in this world. Boys act like girls and girls lack a heart. So we jones for spare change but nothing really happens. So exist now or never come back home. Hungry so you eat only one meal a day. Are you an artist or a fool because you don’t sweep the floors of over hyped slave masters forceing out newer rules. We are freedom with much reason leaving the past behind. Life is nothing but hopeless stories drinking crime. Taste the wine of the christ and pass the message on the cross. Don’t walk in front of me thinking you’ll get by. We sale what we want and never tell you why, respect is lost. No one gets a word in in place we alone! Its to much to lose if you constantly keep the fragrance.

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