silence is my heart

2009 as we advance to when
2009 as we advance to when - see you at the heart weighing ceremony: what ever it was is no longer what it was suppose to be
As far as we are concerned nothing exist. So we sit still waiting for the greater good. People would like to enter, but the door is now closed. Personally Removed from this lifetime you no longer can see what was. Isn’t this so unfitting that today is gone and tomorrow don’t exist. Love is the destination he last reaches toward so what was is no longer not. We stop to pass the only message in a bottle as they ask me not to leave. My gone will better suit your warmth. Because who ever I am is not good enough to exist so now I’m better as a distant memory lost in my own storm. The wind blows and the ocean is calm looking from both coasts and the gulf of the shore to the greatest of lakes, i’ve passed my final word no longer am I words.

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