trapped in nowhere now (path towards freedom)

2009 Trapped In Today - Marcellous Lovelace
2009 Trapped In Today - Marcellous Lovelace - read: the genetic roots of mental and behavioral patterns, and posits that common patterns may have emerged because they were highly adaptive for humans in the environments of their evolutionary past—even if some of these patterns are maladaptive in today's environments. Fields closely related to evolutionary psychology are animal behavioral ecology, human behavioral ecology, dual inheritance theory, and sociobiology.
Feelings don’t last no longer than a few days. Then he ran and kissed the mother shipped and moved out the way. My talent is my gift not my different interactions. So I build inside my self and find my inner satisfaction. Not a fraction of your time or the bottom of your mind. My clock is still ticking not everyday sometime. He used to use aggression to pursue the opposite sex until the opposite sex started giving the wrong address we debug. And unplug from out the microwave start entering the stage where my name remains the same. I’m silence in a room filled with noise. Your constant lack for self is your own personal void.


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