Earthlings Close

2009 should not return
2009 should not return
As nothing makes sense something has to matter. In a upside down world of hopeless rewards we walk towards what great is in another persons eyes. Our own personal happiness is put on hold like the mother with 10 children and nothing to dream. But a pair new shoes and fixing her self esteem. Uneasy tarnished pasts that leave you where you stand, whispering for something that some one else had. You can’t beg for my excitement just because you choose. This is not your world but somebody else’s blues no romance as you wait for the last dance to walk across the floor. Wishing for something that don’t exist anymore. Two old woman looking for a dream to fix there inner sorrows and low self esteem, killing a mans happiness is all that she has. When she can make him happy the devil taught her to make him sad. Now he’s mad and never will smile again, blowing up his phone but never will call again. When she can’t control she seems out of control. Turning his lust for her into another nice folds. She wished it was her almost washed up in her thirty’s looking for love and some one to make her dream fixing her sadness and low self esteem. It was a man she said who made me feel low, he made me feel like nothing but a worthless semi pro. But was it a man or that lack of a man, those men who never payed you attention but you loved him instead or was it the father who never came home because your drama soaked mother treated him low. No he didn’t have a job or no money in pocket, but he made you smile and showed you what love is.


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