Don’t do this to yourself! (Don’t do it) 5/14/05

Marcellous Lovelace
Marcellous Lovelace as the laid back gentlemen

Don’t do this to yourself! (Don’t do it) 5/14/05

You need to chill boy cause you ain’t right
All mad at me cause you can’t write
My pens precise I slice your style with my mic
You ain’t ready for combat yo think twice
This is action are you ready for war?
I’m a grown man you some bodies little toy
Its over you need to pack up and go home
That don’t make you dope because it took you so long
To write one album your life is like a fraction
Only in parts you need start getting whole
All in half amounts hey man you getting old
Respect is what I get when I sit down and write
It took you to long to say one thing nice
Now that’s a shame like crime in the African Community
All I really live for is my people’s unity
You jump hard but aint moving me
What’s that suppose to mean you suppose to be hard
You need to go wash up and come clean before you start!

Battle rappers looking lost cause they lines didn’t work
Fail off that star track you like a fake captain Kirk
I really do this from Toronto to Brooklyn
You homo thug rapper with light yellow sequence
Get off stage before I delete your face playa
Now you searching for recovery but you’ve just been rearranged
Your soft punk friends no you can’t rhyme
He all off key he better learn the nine
I’m the element water and I write all mines
Gifted I’m all thru out the district
You may as well forget it we not open for business
So stop stop fronting you ain’t on nothing
So back up moe before you get another concussion
The way that you sound brings out sadness
What’s the reason for your meaning?
Change the name and you remain the lame victim

Don’t do it you don’t really want a problem
Coming in the place like you about to start it
I’m self righteous and I write my own verses
So it’s best you sit back and find your self a purpose


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