as we become

To not exist in the minor rhetoric of the worlds view and perspective. I exist as who I am not less than that.

I come in Peace as my statement and my introduction. I fuel myself by my self my only inspiration is myself and the life I live. I don’t have to post labels in my words it self pronounced evident by the exterior.

I am in the all of and the all is in me. These thoughts I don’t need for confirmation these thoughts just exist.

To know is to grow and experience and become great, you can be who you are and much more. You have to do this and let it become. Respect and express those things as they are what you make them.

Have positivity and think in a forward direction (otherwise you will not get anywhere dealing with me) Think before you move … know before you decide / keep your heart light and let go of your ego. You have just learned something keep applying those lessons always be aware who you are trading with.

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