The Remains … R.I.P. Apache

pharaohs of a great time
pharaohs of a great time - self love and self perseverance is not a new phenomenon
What would be the reason to chase an illusion, to follow something that isn’t there. Invisible this is like loving a person from a distance but they are not loving you. Even though I as an Individual will give love regardless. I am free.

As we become what we need to and see what we need to will the masses ever really see the underling message of the world we are in? Can all the people see at the same time? Is the word revolt even in existence?

The people of Haiti in the early 1800 were probably some of the strongest people along with all people that revolted power ever up through the civil rights movement etc … (opinion) From my perspective people are not like that right now, most of these people seem to creep in the cracks of the societies they exist in. They seem to carry banners and shout out words that they don’t really follow, because they were to tired or to lazy to be on the same mission daily.

Always know the greatest warrior needed know reason to do what they are suppose to do minus any rules or regulations … Nothing!!



Flavor Unit emcee Apache, born Anthony Teaks, passed away today (January 22) after a protracted illness.

As an original member of Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit, Apache first appeared on 45 King Presents The Flavor Unit and his best known single “Gangsta B**ch” peaked at #11 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles chart.

Shakim Compere, CEO and Co-Founder of Flavor Unit Records, remembered Apache.

“Without Apache there would have been no Queen Latifah, no Naughty By Nature, no Chill Rob G., no anything” Compere told “Apache was the string that tied all of Flavor Unit together. Without Apache none of this would be.”

Apache was one of the three original rappers in Flavor Unit, which also counted Queen Latifah and Latee as early group members.

The rap crew consisted of groups or rappers like Lakim Shabazz, Lord Alibaski, Chill Rob G., Naughty By Nature, Freddie Foxxx, Nikki D and Queen Latifah.

Apache’s appearances included collaborations with Naughty by Nature, Fat Joe, Tupac, and A Tribe Called Quest.

“That’s my g, r.i.p in peace big homie, you will be missed, shout out to his family naughty by nature, I just did a show with them, god bless,” DJ Kid Capri said via Twitter.


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