No Man Is An Island

I have no judgments opinions or expectations .. i am completely aware of this entire system and the supremacy we face as African / Indigenous Nubian People of the Plan it we are on in long historical referenced detailed from the mind to the applied science …. New is just a word in the dictionary …

Yes I completely Over Stand more carefully than you can imagine. My experience has advanced beyond simple emotions yet to the point of problem solving and not verb-age or occupying thought … I stand still and as light as a feather in complete Knowledge of this situation.

Yes i’m at a stage of resolve and peaceful acknowledgment its no fingers to point or people to blame just minds to reprogram and mentalities to fix. Its no room for empty wars or play on words thats more Tricks Knowledge. We need to work towards a place called Love.

We can only stay calm and Know you can’t be moved, that breaks the Balance of Yin and Yang. Know all things as they are.

We as the Original Beings on the Plan called Earth are the builders of all in the All from the All so we are guided from a Peace with Humility and thats all we can give you have to Redefine and redevelop its your place take it
make it.

you have to find the beauty from you inner look and all the Ancient Civilizations we came from they only delt with the Inner Eye not all this play on some one elses Pathetic Rhetoric and Psycho Scans thats weak and lame.

Its no preconceived judges here who you are has never been taken for granted. Know I didn’t used to know how to respond to a conversation and i’d throw my weight around and prove my point. Now I’ve learned to listen and Care, regardless of whom. And take it from there no man is a Island.

Positivity and consideration, these things are just what its suppose to be. Imagine if you saw an old person being beat up on the street or a baby about to be harmed in the world you “suppose” to do something? Its no difference if we on a even playing field. I’m just letting you know maybe i’m learning to walk light but i’m just as human as you.

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