Inside Yo Head

African Inspired Art
African Inspired Art = Art is constant working of Inner expression (some do it some don't)
I spoke to my old peer from California and me and this person was talking about Narcissistic People who never look on the Inner. And this was the perfect reminder for me to share thoughts on my own inner workings.

I as person for the most part of my life has always looked into the inner self to find myself. From myself I create all things for myself and understanding. I always have to admit when I’m wrong, knowing that I am flawed and not PERFECT. I know I’m always in a position to learn and grow and develop. I must let go of people and things that don’t use forward progress. At the same time knowing that I cannot negatively judge these folks let alone place useless weight on people, places and things.

Use of the word useless as a source of inspiration to breed new peace and only create beautiful thoughts and ideas.

Stay in love in love of self

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