Inspire yourself to be who you want to be and give that to those who share your space and capacity.

Love to like who you are and how you are …
TV Show Actors details the mentalities of fake people walking around living as other people and not really tuned in to the world around them. Black Woman are dressed up as Materialistic Foolish Barbie Dolls and the Men think as Pompous Arrogant fools with Ignorant Swagger what is so wrong with the people in this world is minds are walking blind.

produced by Black Sparx
from the Album “We Are Dark”

dedicated to all the latest and greatest
peace to shalamar south lake shore drive
we used to ride out looking for the good time
stories all scrabbled up don’t know where to start
she wanted a ring and every thing alright
a man with grands the finer things in life
no honey i’m not him don’t even got a job
to pay this rent get at me you lost me
she said gone with all that noise
my loves where the monies at
hope you don’t get over weight
and get your tummy fat
who remains man stays true to the game
with left hand I pen down the science
looking for love over computer appliance
compliment me and say nice things
move to fast the phone don’t ring
static electric a wizard on the boards
earphone jacks and bunch of loud noise
distortion to proceed and collect deeds
old vinyl collector with nice things

pimps players thugged rappers
walk across stage
looking just like actors
this not movie gone save the script
get off the set
that clip was short lived

battery low i can’t record
dude said i’d murder THAT beat
he dead already career ran short
looking for fame but drives a kia of coarse
so i talk trash and throw out garbage
figuring which one of you fools
trying to come the hardest
you all wack naturally its just me
super emcee must collect the title
i got my own deed from chicago to brooklyn
hands down i’m cookin up the best verses
go over the cut all up in the snatch
rap loudly so the chrowd can alpoud me
its all to the good youth get hurt in black neighborhoods
save the children from south side to free town
k town engle wood south central orange mound
clowns don’t be wondering what to do now
death to the cloneS with that autotune on
you moist like a wet cat facts is told just like that
over and out and you know i stay black


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