Cinematic: Infinito 2017- “Do You Hear Me”


Here’s a new video from Infinito 2017 that was shot for the track “Do You Hear Me”. The song is from the album We Are Dark which hit stores and digital outlets at the beginning of this month.  I would do a little break down of the video, but I think it would be best to let the man himself tell it:

“Somtime in July 2009, while traveling and recording We Are Dark I kept getting crazy emails that were very emotional and [full of] a lot of side talk from people that would never approach me in public and say the same things. [Since I’m] always quick to take on stupidity, I wrote “Do You Hear Me” as a creative conversational song. I’m here in real life and I would never talk to a person through emails on Myspace to get my point across. Fear is not in me !!! Creativity is my Nature. And biting is not cool …”

-Infinito 2017

“Do You Hear Me” is from the album We Are Dark that just hit stores a few days ago. You can purchase it from: UGHH |  eMusic |  iTunes

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