116. Listen to Reason ! The word Law is a variant of the word LAR, and lar is a variant of the word LORD, and the etymological (original and true) meaning of the word Lord is LARES KEEPER OF HOUSEHOLD ORDER AND ORDINANCES as in the phrase “LARES and Penates,” and the word Lord evolved to also mean “Praise The Ruler,” “Praise The Master,” or “Praise The Lares,” as the word LAUD implies. Spiritually, Lares and Penates are household Gods or Spirits. The etymological meaning of the phrase LARES AND PENATES is LAWS AND PENALTIES. What all this means is this : Scientifically, the word LAWS means KEEPERS OF ORDER AND ORDINANCES BY WORDS AND ALSO WORKS together, of course, with Natural Ether and Reason. The philosophical meaning of the title LORD is WORD as in LOGOS, and this means that WORDS define, designate, describe and explain principles (laws) to live and rule by and with. So, this topic is about Laws of Nature and their demands and requirements on Human Beings. Let it be remembered always and let it be known !

117. Listen to Reason ! Laws are instruments and beings too that help keep organisms (including organizations, societies, civilizations, and cultures) in order and order of sequence, and therefore, when laws are disregarded or broken, there is breakdown in order, peace, and well-being for people. This holds true whether the laws be those of Nature (natural law) or those of Nature’s people (man-made law). However, manmade law and activities may work against the reasonability and responsibility (natural process) of Nature law, and when this occurs, Nature eventually takes steps to correct that breach of law by disaster, disease, or some other suffering or death. So, it is in peoples’ best interests to learn what The Laws of Nature are, accept them, and adhere to them, for The Laws of Nature are The Supreme Laws of the Land and Existence in all of its infinity and eternity. Laws of other beings in Nature are secondary to those of Nature Itself, unless they are in accord with The Nature of Nature and Nature’s present cycle. The Laws of Nature can be broken or breached temporarily, but they will make the necessary corrections and prevail in Time and Space and Matter, forever and ever. Let it be remembered always and let it be known !

118. Listen to Reason ! THE LAW of a person, place, or thing is THE NATURE of that person, place, or thing, and THE NATURE of a person, place, or thing is THE PURPOSE for which that person or thing was created or came into being. The quality, aptitude, and power that make The Laws of Nature so binding and effective are their ability to help Space( Vacuum) balance Matter (mentally, physically, chemically, ethereally, ethically, and spiritually) given time and energy, and do this indeed on a non-stop continuous basis, that is ,eternally in accord with The Cycles of Smat which are The Laws’ accomplishment programs by Nature. To put it another way : A LAW OF NATURE (by definition) IS A CHARACTERISTIC OF NATURE that causes action, reaction, stop-action, or non-action of a person or place or thing the same way each time that conditions are the same, continuously. A law is CONSISTENT AND CONSTANT the same way when given the same conditions — THIS QUALITY, ABILITY, AND STANDARD CONSTITUTE LAW, whether it be natural or man – made law, Likewise, a law is not law without enforcement to the letter, and Nature’s Laws are enforced, automatically, by cycle, energy, and Time. Therefore, when man – made law is NOT CONSISTENT AND CONSTANT in its application and enforcement the same way each time that conditions are the same, everywhere it is applicable, it is not law but something else. A CYCLE OF NATURE (by definition) IS A NETWORK OF LAWS OF NATURE able and designed to accomplish a complete circuit of actions and/or changes by Nature in a given time. The order, survival, tranquility, and well-being for the peoples of Planet Earth and elsewhere depend upon individuals and races of individuals getting back to The Laws of Nature in The Positive and adhering to them. Let it be remembered always and let it be known !

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