White Sex Magic: Blacks are operating under the White “Love Spell” (in parts)

Black males and black females will not be able to respect and appreciate each other until they learn their true identity which is not based on religion, class, nationality, or ethnicity. Black couples can not care for each other until they acknowledge their individual worth. Blacks can’t know each other until they have honest and open communication. Blacks can’t build a nation until they are willing to establish a strong foundation of spiritual principles to guide them. Blacks can’t unite until they find a common ground to stand on which is their Blackness and the elimination of their oppressors. Blacks can’t show affection until they make a commitment to nurture and pamper each other. Blacks can’t win the war until they are victorious in their personal battles with the demons of self-hatred, low self-esteem, and inferiority complex. We no longer choose to use the word, “love” to describe our relationship with each other. We relinquish all the words that have casted us into the white male’s love spell and we refused to indulge in his sex magic.

We seek to function on all chakras starting from the base and progressively evolve to the crown spiritual awakening as we return back into God/Goddess.

In the white male psych all emotions are somehow attached to sex and every behavior is sexualized. Every aspect of the white male’s society is oversaturated with sexual messages and images. Everyone is over bombarded, over stimulated, and overwhelmed with sexuality. In advertisement every product is associated or connected with sex to be marketable. The movie industry in ….Hollywood…. created the “sex symbols”

Blacks don’t really understand what the words, “I love you” means. They don’t think if these words really reflect the type of relationship that they desire to possess. They don’t question if these words speak of a healthy positive experience. Blacks don’t see the real nature of the white male to his white female. If they saw it, then they would understand how anything or everything that comes out of their relationship must be dysfunctional, perverted, and sick. We must remember words are the building blocks used to create our reality. Whatever we conceive with our minds through the use of words becomes what we experience as real. Blacks are using the white male’s definition of reality through the usage of his words to create his own reality. In other words, blacks are living the white male’s nightmare and hell. Blacks were casted under the white love spell by using the word, “love”. The dictionary defines the word love as the following:

-an expression of one’s affection

-to feel intense desire and attraction toward a person

-to have sexual intercourse with

-sexual passion

-to embrace or caress

-love affair

The word love making is defined as the following: sexual activity, especially sexual intercourse; courtship; wooing.

This concept of love (as we’ve been taught it to be) was designed to keep humans functioning at the sexual chakra. Every time we use the word love, in actuality we are referring to sex. The only purpose the white male has for his female is to have sex for procreation. Love is equated with Eros (the Greek god of love) which is associated with sexual drive. Based on this definition love is synonymous with sex. White males created a culture that promoted sex as love and love as sex. For white males this is the only time which they could associate, relate, or connect with the white female. In other words that was the only time they could love her or make love. This type of thinking teaches us to conceive the idea or thought of love as relevant only in the terms of sexual expression or sexual feelings. So, it becomes impossible to love on any other base other than sexually. To verbally or physically express love, subconsciously connects the lovers with sexual innuendos or attach a sexual connation to them. No other type of love is acknowledged or defined such as family or friendship. The word love by itself represents sexual love not platonic, unconditional, or family. This love spell forces humans to operate strictly through the sexual chakra which imprisons them on a lower frequency. Hue-man naturally yearn intimacy, bonding, and affection. No one wants to be alone or lonely. Everyone wants to be accepted, understood, and supported. But, these genuine characteristics do not come with “love” because of the definition of this word. People are deliberately misled into seeking love and romance not knowing they are settling for the substitute.

To seek “love” prevents people from truly progressing to the heart chakra where there is unconditional compassion, bonding, and the unity of the human soul. The word, “love” can’t be used to define such a spiritual experience. Each time we say,“ I love you”, it is interpreted by the subconscious as a sexual encounter. Simply saying the word love implicates sexual feelings induced by lust. This is reinforced through the white fairytales, stories, music, drama, and movies. Emphasis is always placed on eros/love between a male and a female. The male character has to physically demonstrate his love (sexual desire) for the female by kissing, hugging, or touching her. His attraction or interest in her is based on exterior beauty and his fascination is with her body not on other qualities she may possess such as intelligence, personality, spirit, or skills. There is nothing wrong with having a physical attraction to a female. The problem becomes when this is the only attraction that is prioritized and the individuals do not progress to the mental, emotional, or spiritual levels in the relationship. This is manifested in the black musical community as love (lust) songs speaking of sexual pleasures with black women as only sexual objects for male satisfaction. In these songs and music videos black females become the whore, slut, stripper, and bitch of the white male mental creations.

Black males subconsciously and consciously accept the white males sexist and misogynist (hatred for females) views. The black female internalizes these negative images and accepts their so called, “inferiority” and behaves like the white females have been programmed to do. This love programming directs people to the lower chakra and makes them focus primarily on their lower nature. They can not or will not rise to the higher chakra where they can evolve emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. They will remain immature, stagnate, and retard. At this state of mind they can easily be manipulated and controlled.



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