national left handed people day

List of famous left-handed people

Definition and guide
  • A left-hander is a person who is more skillful with the left hand than with the right: a left-hander will probably (but not limit to) use the left hand for tasks such as personal care, cooking, and so on.
  • Writing with right hand alone does not necessarily indicate one’s right-handedness. The world is right-handed-dominant and many natural born left-handers were wrongfully taught to write with their right hand. Consequently, a lot of born left-handers may write with right hand but use left hand for everything else.
  • However, if a person writes with left hand then s/he is most likely left-handed.
  • People who are forced to use their left hand because their right hand is not available for use (for example, due to injury or disease) should not be included on this list.
  • Contrary to popular belief, left-footers are not necessarily left-handed, which causes much confusion when it comes to famous soccer players. For example players like Maradona are believed to be left-handed just because they use their left foot in soccer. There is actually a high percentage of soccer players that are left-handed while being right-footed such as Ruud van Nistelrooy.
  • If a new subject needs to be added, please provide citation/reference. Do not add a subject merely because another websites list him/her as a left-handed people. Make sure you validate the subject with facts supported by sources like biography, photograph or painting.
  • If source is not accessible, add a brief description after the name to indicate what task does the subjects use their left hand.

Royalty and nobility

Political and governmental leaders


Other nationalities


Osama bin Laden holding a gun with his left hand


Osama bin Laden holding a gun with his left hand



Musicians and Composers

Actors/ Actresses

Honorable Mention: Right-handed actor Gary Cooper played left-handed athlete Lou Gehrig in the film The Pride of the Yankees. For scenes requiring him to bat left-handed, Cooper wore a Yankee uniform with Gehrig’s number 4 mirror-reversed on his back. Cooper batted the ball right-handed, then ran to third base (not first). The film was then optically reversed, turning Cooper into a southpaw. This same technique was used in Billy Crystal’s film “61” to make Anthony Michael Hall appear left handed in his portrayal of left handed Yankee’s pitcher Whitey Ford.

In 1953, while starring in a live television drama, right-handed actor Jack Lemmon decided to play his character left-handed, purely as an actor’s exercise. Two years later, when Lemmon met James Cagney for the first time, Cagney’s first words to Lemmon were “Are you still pretending you’re left-handed?”

Film directors


American Football


Left-handedness is found in all sports but is particularly highly prized in baseball, among both hitters and pitchers. For hitters, the natural motion of swinging at a pitch gives a left-handed batter momentum running down the line to first. Left-handed batters typically also have a better view of the pitch thrown by a right-handed pitcher. Also, left-handers may have more room to hit if the first baseman is watching a runner on first, and some ball parks have short right-field fences, making it easier for left-handers to hit home runs. A left-handed batter runs a shorter distance to first base than a rightie, because he takes his stance in the batting box on the right side of home plate. Due to these advantages, some right-handed players will learn to hit left handed (these players are not considered left-handed.) Likewise, left-handed pitchers are valuable, in part because many left-handed sluggers have severe trouble hitting against left-handed pitchers. See left-handed specialist.

Position players



Billiards and snooker




In cricket, left-handed batsmen make bowlers bowl a completely different line (angle), which disrupts their accuracy. As batsmen in cricket work in pairs, teams traditionally like to have a mix of right and left handers to maximise this effect. This is particularly so for opening batsmen. The same arguments, in reverse, apply to left-handed bowlers. Top quality left-handed bowlers seem to be rarer than their batting equivalents.



Football (soccer)


  • Jerry Barber – Converted to right-handedness in childhood.
  • Bonnie Bryant
  • Sir Bob Charles
  • Russ Cochran [1]
  • Ben Hogan – Played right-handed, but was actually left-handed. When Hogan began his career, he was told that he should golf right-handed, with his left hand leading the swing; supposedly, this would enable him to benefit from the greater strength in his leading hand. If this were true, then all right-handed golfers should play left-handed! In his later years, Hogan remarked that his greatest regret about his career was that he had allowed himself to be talked into playing right-handed.
  • Bobby Jones– Played right handed, but was actually left handed.
  • Phil Mickelson – Plays left-handed, but is actually right-handed.[1]
  • Johnny Miller – Left-handed, but played right-handed.
  • Nick Price – Left-handed, but plays right-handed
  • Mike Weir – Plays left-handed, but is actually right-handed.[1]

Ice Hockey

Motor sport

Rugby Union


Wrestling and professional wrestling

Other sports



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