trust only what you see … believe nothing

2010 The Way You Are

what is faith a form of hoping that something will be what you want … trust is not as simple in the sense that it has to be a form of understanding and common respect for the design to work out … what will the future create? Its all based on what’s in the making from the start!

Most adults are incompetent and live with a primitive mentality with no social awareness or development. They tend to believe things that have no truth or no importance to the greater community. People mainly Africans that Inhabit America spend what they don’t have to buy what they don’t need and end up spreading this diseased mentality to future generations so it is facts you have to change your self before you can change another.
No man is perfect or without flaw but we can not move forward in a society if we are all separated and base our mind-states on television (tell lies to your vision), material things and shiny trinkets. The Blind Lead The Blind .. Knowledge Wisdom Understanding must be reciprocal … if you poison your mind, body and soul your child and others children have a great chance of helping to become the same problems we see in everyday society of death and self destruction. Love Your Self and Your Kind …

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