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Coco Fusco

interdisciplinary artist, writer, and curator. Coco Fusco is one of North America’s leading interdisciplinary artists and cultural theorists. Her videos, performances, and art installations have been showcased throughout the world to great critical acclaim, and her published writings on art, culture, and politics have helped shape the fields of Latina and Latino studies, performance studies, and postcolonial studies. She is a prolific writer and cultural commentator as well as an innovative artist whose work blurs the boundaries between cultural theory and artistic practice.

Fusco was born in the United States on June 18, 1960, to Cuban parents who had emigrated in 1954. Shortly after the 1959 Cuban Revolution, her father was deported. Her mother hid from the INS and did not return to Cuba until after Coco was born. Fusco’s U.S. citizenship enabled her mother’s return to New York while other Cubans seeking entrance into the United States were forced to endure long and confusing delays. As her relatives immigrated to New York throughout the 1960s, her home served as a gateway to life in the United States. Fusco was raised in this bicultural setting, where the private and public spheres of daily life were thrown into sharp relief because of differences in language, culture, and tradition. She attended Brown University and received an MA degree from Stanford University. In the early twenty-first century, she held an associate professor position at Columbia University’s School of the Arts.

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