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No American Dream

things will not change …. (if you don’t)

How we think in this world is a direct reflection of our upbringings. Our experiences create our reality. What do you look forward to, what are you inspired by? Who are your teachers, what do you love? A person is made up of levels of thought process and each person has to decide what they will or won’t think. What do you think? No American Dream is a collection of art works and the thoughts to go with them … I Marcellous Lovelace was born in America on the South Side of Chicago without conversation of my oral story. Born like this in an experience that was not meant for me, but was forced upon me like police brutality, racism and poverty. To have or not to have is all based on your definition of wealth. To me wealth is power and the proper education that will develop nations of people that look just like me, feed these people the right foods and teach these people the things they need to survive in any space. So I have No American Dream just a constant European Nightmare.
2010 Broke Away

 2010 Broke Away

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