Mural Champ Damon Lamer Reed = Everywhere

Damonn Lamar Reeds Art all over …

Damonn Lamar Reeds Art all over …

Damon Lamar Reed-Chicago
Since graduating from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Damon Lamar Reed has been a freelance artist making a career out of mural painting, illustration, graphic design, teaching and the sale of original art.  Many of his, over 50 murals, can be seen throughout Chicago. He has worked with organizations such as Chicago Public Art Group, Art Resources in Teaching, Archi-Treasures and Metropolitan Area Group For Igniting Civilization. Damon also attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture residency program, where he was honored with a Camille Cosby Scholarship.  Artist Kerry James Marshall selected him to be part of his exhibition, One True thing: Meditations in Black Aesthetics at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  Damon has also exhibited at various institutions such as, University of Illinois, Museum of Science and Industry, Northwestern University, Governors State University, Loyola University, and Xavier University. Most importantly, Damon believes in the Power of art and its ability to change lives through its beauty.

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