Stones Throws Records: 15 years Deep (progression and innovation)


He has either just returned from, or is on his way to, a pre-Thanksgiving smoke session at his studio down the street. It’s not clear; indeed, it’s sometimes hard to understand Madlib. He speaks softly and in fragments, making faces like a silent comedian when something catches his interest. Nonetheless, he proceeds to catch Manak up on his raft of projects. An album with Freddie Gibbs is half-done, as is a full-length with Planet Asia and one with Georgia Anne Muldrow. Madlib and Flying Lotus have begun work on the collaborative “Lying Otis.” He and Doom have been trying to work together again, but Doom is even harder to get hold of than Madlib.

read the full article at: lat times [dot] com //

stones throws [dot] com  //


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