Marcellous Lovelace – #RAYGUN81 EXPERIMENT PART 1 [Chicago Studio]


Marcellous Lovelace – #RAYGUN81 EXPERIMENT PART 1 [Chicago Studio]

Video Art, Edited, Animation, Filming by Marcellous Lovelace

An inside view of the work from the #RAYGUN81 Experiment of works from Chicago. From Projects to Experiments the African Indigenous People of the world is constantly forced to fight oppression by a recessive mentality. Description: New Art work by Marcellous Lovelace as a way to to better describe the ongoing colonial corruption of the African Diaspora. From the language, religion, forced drug usage, raping, pillage, apartheid, gentrification and constant social destruction of Indigenous Black Skin people all over the world.

This study of a peoples on systematic destruction will be an ongoing study for the life of the Art by Marcellous Lovelace. These works will decode the evil realities Colored people of the world are faced with on a daily basis.

Why Ray Gun 1981: The evil ones that allowed the savage opportunistic forced labor are the same people that developed genocide of all people of color through drug usage, colonial cash crop control and the consistent experimentation of the original people of earth (Blacks /Negros / Colored / Nubian etc ..)

Soundtrack: Positive Hip Hop Album of None Commercial Styles being broadcasted over various sounds. A collection of many years of Tape Deck Styled Recording from Infinito 2017. At this point we lost count of the discography of Infinito 2017 / Marcellous Lovelace. Look for many new records and older recording on Vinyl / CD’s / Tapes as time permits.

Producers: DJ Waht; Doc Singe; Infinito:2017 (aka Marcellous Lovelace); KingBoom; Radio75; Thaione Davis

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Client: The End of Social Genocide Worldwide

look for biko70 work on websites and art shows

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