“Exposed Emotions: Broken Urban Narratives Exhibition” Marcellous Lovelace Solo Art Show

“Exposed Emotions: Broken Urban Narratives Exhibition”
Marcellous Lovelace Solo Art Show | Sept 30th – Oct 30th 2014 | Reception Oct 2nd 2014 at 12 – 2pm | Kishwaukee College Art Gallery | 21193 Malta Road Malta, IL 60150

Exposed Emotion_bROKEN 3
Exposed Emotions: Broken Urban Narratives |

Distinctive scenarios collected by a continuous saga of the unwanted in a forever failing landscape. Exposed Emotions in Color is an ongoing series of art works by Afro Urban Indigenous Folk Artist Marcellous Lovelace that tell the tales of a voiceless people. Black is ebony, coal, outer space that absorbs light to collect energy. The Story of Soul with motion and boundless energy.

Artist Statement / Bio: Marcellous Lovelace the Afro Urban Indigenous Folk Artist

The art form that I practice is Painting in Mixed Media with Found Materials. I paint from my experience living on the South Side of Chicago and Living in Poverty in the State of Illinois. I use found objects throughout the City of Chicago and The State of Illinois as reference of my surroundings in my work. I work on everything from old found pieces of paper, garbage cans, tires, mattresses and used construction material found from torn down buildings. Chicago is such a diversely segregated environment it influences struggle and pain. I learned to call myself an Afro Urban Indigenous Folk Artist. The tragedies that occur in my city help me reinterpret the oppression on all surfaces.

I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago in a community called Roseland. This segregated poverty stricken environment helped me to develop over 400 images a year over the last 25 years of my life. My environment is so negative it helps me to create beauty form this struggle. I paint because it’s the only thing that feels good after feeling like I’m trapped in world that has no hope. I also have lived in place in Chicago known as Terror Town on the South Side of Chicago that is also highly populated with gang activity due to the fact the city really doesn’t care about what happens to the underprivileged citizens in the city. Terror Town is near 75th and Exchange off of South Shore Drive, in this area I painted a large portion of my work in a residence that was controlled by drug addicts and bombarded by roaches. Many of these pests and addicts ended up being a part of my work. For most of my adult life I have worked on Art regardless of the situation and I always will because these colorful problems help me to continue to see through the blight.

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