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My Mind Is From Africa by Marcellous Lovelace

My Mind is from Africa by Marcellous Lovelace
My Mind is from Africa by Marcellous Lovelace

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After the Math
page 6
My Mind is from Africa
by Marcellous Lovelace
After the Math
When a young Black Man or Woman graduates from school
and has to apply him or her self into the social structure that is
America, they don’t always know what to do. Everyone is not
able to attend or even wants to goto to college. We need a
system and a mentality in place that serves us outside of a
western European higher education, while still having the
understanding of a higher education. We as African people
need to step out into our own way of being and thinking. We
can not count on any other groups of people to make us
better. Industrial Education and Survival skills that we
absolutely need to do for self improvement.

A book that examines the working of a young mans mind and stories of a man from the original man. my book on problems and let downs in an hours worth of time set backs and time … thoughts words poems emotions artistic … mood assignments from this school and a recent interview .. and some pictures of me doing some art.

ISBN: 978-1-60743-788-8
Publisher: Amun Ra Communications
Copyright: © 2009 Marcellous Lovelace Standard Copyright License
Language: English
Country: United States
Edition: 1

Paperback book $13.99 buy here:
Printed: 119 pages, 6.14″ x 9.21″, perfect binding, black and white interior ink



John Hope Franklin
John Hope Franklin

R.I.P. FRANKLIN, JOHN HOPE (1915- 2009)

Historian John Hope Franklin was born in Rentiesville, Oklahoma, on January 2, 1915, to Buck Colbert and Mollie Parker Franklin. The family moved to Tulsa in 1925, where young Franklin attended public schools and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School. His father was a pioneer African American attorney in Tulsa.