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6 months later

African Postcard
African Postcard
I’m thinking about the future and not walking in the past. I enter my self into a time when things are peaceful and love. What to wake up to is order instead of the crazy nature of man. What’s the matter with you people just smile.

I exist on a path that is similar to doing and making things work. While you looking for a way to get over on the next and come up!

Living in a time where things can just be peaceful and easy going daily. But can we receive any of that with all this craziness in the world. Peoples minds are distorted and twisted into knots.

We all kinda need to slow down before the beautiful things in the world turn ugly. How to uplift what we see and do more in an ongoing process.

If you see somebody down will you reach down and lift them up?

The man says if you repeat the same bad habits over and over then you are insane. Business is not love its more like just being a good person. I personally think people would perfer to be comfortable then to actually display harmony. After over 15 times of the same type of something that you don’t like you just tend to look like fool?

the same people that point out jealousy are jealous