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UPDATE: 2009 Series: Don’t Wear Fear art exhibition by Marcellous Lovelace

tumblr_ngrnkbnnAv1qexbvco1_5002009 Series: Don’t Wear Fear art exhibition by Marcellous LovelaceΒ | IF ITS OPPRESSIVE IT CANT TEACH YOU CANT LEARN YOU WILL ONLY BE AN EXPERIMENT IN A PROJECT FOR FURTHER CONFUSION AND NEGLECT A BROKEN LIFESTYLE CAN NEVER BE OF USAGE … You can never build up with oppression it is innately evil!! Black Man Womb Seed You did not create weapons of Mass Destruction You never designed oppressive slave codes or forced any one to be a part of any detailed plan to psychologicly manipulate multitudes of indigenous people worldwide for life .. evil is what evil designs #Dontwearfear #2009art #marcellouslovelaceart #blackart #chicagoartist #freedom #freedom never be happy just to get a dollar and a dream!!! #Raygun81 #purpose #politicalart #protest #defineselfwww.marcellouslovelace.com only a negative person creates a law where they can steal land shoot people and feed diseases upon those people with no regard … thinking is power (at Bronzeville Area)