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2015 Deny The Wasteful Pop Culture art by Marcellous Lovelace #NUBIANART


Oppression cant stand to see BLACK LOVE .. SHOW BLACK LOVE DAILY
Oppression cant stand to see BLACK LOVE .. SHOW BLACK LOVE DAILY

Precious (A Dream Come True)


First off I want to thank Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry for helping Director Lee Daniel’s brings his film to the Movie Theaters. I loved to see Art depicted so great.

Precious is a adaptation of the book Push by author Sapphire (born Ramona Lofton). The movie is really graphic and explicit, but living in America this is what many are born into.

The Story of Precious touched my heart from beginning to end. The writers and actors of this movie played very believable roles. I am a person who tends to stop thinking that dreams have meaning. That peoples ideas don’t always come across the way we want them too. I lean towards the ideology of knowing or just living out all my visions. But I want to make sure its known to others in this lifetime that no matter what you think you can achieve that thing.

This movie Precious touched every part of my soul and is a refreshing look at the world that allot of my African people in the hell conditions of America have been forced into. Its so sad to know that people are born trained to be savage. Looking at america and the euro centric views its no wonder we as Africans Stuck in America are so far at the bottom of things.
Please know Indigenous Afro Kemetic Gods and Goddesses people that we are living in an inverted reality and this is only for a time being, continue to dream and know that you will persevere through this wicked mans way of life. A way of life that teaches raping, stealing, cheating, killing and all other forms of evil that you can imagine.

You are greater and you shall proceed through all of this, because thats who you are and who YOU COME FROM GREATNESS.

Respect to Actors: Gabourey Sidibe, Mo’Nique, Mariah Carey, Paula M. Patton, Chyna Layne, and Lenny Kravitz.

Whisper Sweet Nothings in your Brain = FREEDOM


Fela Kuti
Fela Kuti

With the greatest thoughts of love in sound I’ve prepared my mental to travel the world. Back by poplar demand me and capital thats needed to visit Africa. Finally my day has come and i’m off to see the land of Gold. A place where all my ancestors rest and my spirit can be very happy.


Sun Ra
Sun Ra

Some run around trying to find themselves in multiple religions thinking there saved from the hard reality they born into. Looking at Chicago as if it was a dream that only can claim those that never were. The hungry that always want more. You will always be the story that was left untold and the memory that remains in the distant searching and wishing that something or someone will help you. I walk away saying if this is all that you have got then you don’t have to much. Your mind is similar to your sexual activity limited like a short time. You can’t last one hour on the clock that I have. Why you run the loomis landscape looking for robert to taylor your outfit i’m sitting on parks of marble polished king driven LTD’s and crown vics from conservative lords that where black on yellow like bumble bees looking for honey in a Baduizm shopping for clothes at the plaza. 

The girl told the other girl on the chat line don’t trust him, he’s not right. While at the same time the other girl was playing games behind the others ones back. Your life is not rich when you manipulate your own struggle trying to reach an empty promise. Belief will always be a dream that was never lived. 


Fantasy rests in the hearts of children who never come in contact with reality using words from dictionaries to explain who they think allah is? Just about anybody can tell you anything and you will fall for it, just to be happy. The worthless nothing that you have come to be will always be a part of your reality.

sleep is due


How can you be real with nobody? When no one is there and nothing exist how can you be real with this?

Is this a figment of your imagination that you dare try to challenge as a part of reality?

Where is this reality? Is this dream actually there? So many blocks to stumble over! So many signs to read, so many sights to see. Where is what and what is real?

Back against the wall we walk away from nothing hoping to gain something, I guess! So we walk on to the next challenge called drama vision where we place our self in a place we can never want to be. And then all of sudden we accept this reality as reality! I guess this is like a slave mentality or something?

My past will bypass my circumstance and I will breath lighter knowing that I did all I love and wanted in my daily.


dries fast and clear

wild art work
wild art work

to save her self from knowing the past she walks into a world of the unknown and is right back where she started. tolerance was the goal but like an addict she couldn’t resist temptation.

What part of the television show is this, may i assist you into that empty cloud of what ever you bring out of yourself. the lady asked what’s the matter, what’s new can i get all in your business? no one asks anything but what can they gain. And we all walk towards her coming towards the river flows. And drips drop from the pants bottom.

I calmly told the woman to chill out you are giving me psycho drama trying to read so deeply into every motion of life. Nothing is reality all of this is a short script. Another narrative about nothing.

no more of us killing us and who will rid the world of filth and get our minds right we still ask.