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robotic monkeys

people please stop allowing your self to be victims of your minds by being controlled by what surrounds you ::: freedom of choice is within ::: you are admitting to being a Machine when you cannot make your own choices independently and

A loyal person cares about more than there own best interest ::: In the war on survival in life a true solider stays to fight for the troops and never abandons the company ::: You are not down if you will watch your tribe get killed and you run away ::: eventually you will be terminated alone ::: Family to the end :::

Seeing And Knowing (not Confusion)


Case Study of A Fool - Marcellous Lovelace - I'm not a slave so I don't follows rules.
Case Study of A Fool - Marcellous Lovelace - I'm not a slave so I don't follows rules.



People sale you there life like its some large build up of work and constant lost activity or process. What that sounds like to me is if they are DRAMATIC and full of indecision. They base themselves in a major production of some sort i guess? Attempt to make themselves seem more than what they are or that I am suppose to care more? 

I look at life more plain, its more Black and White. I learned that in allot of Ancient Traditions mainly African we didn’t live in grey areas like most clouded judgement based individuals do. People like that treat people like they are a board game of chance and insecure possibility.

Its sad when we live like that upside down in another persons reality instead of our own.

I am not the type of person that bases my life off of this fearful possibility. I’m confident and sure of who I am and what I need to do, so I deal with things head on.

I am not a test or a tester!! I am not a tool for usage and your failure to learn and know (low comprehension) I am RIGHT AND EXACT in the thinking process. And I don’t need outside influence or people trapped in little small boxes trying to free themselves. I do what’s right by me when I need to. I am not a slave and you can not teach me to respond to a slave mentality in a positive manner. 


Stupidity is for Fools, take your sweet time to get free i’m going to take mine by ALL MEANS Necessary