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2013 Where is me in they dream ART BY MARCELLOUS LOVELACE

2013 Where is me in they dream ART BY MARCELLOUS LOVELACE2013 where is me in they dream art by marcellous lovelace – lost confused world – help help help help help help help help #raygun1981 #marcellouslovelaceart #Chicagoartist #lostworld #soulblackart #coloredart #consumerculture #slavery #freedom #marcellouslovelace #helputhink #savesouls think

Riots in Disguise: Black Winter 2009

I @ 720

We live in a world where people hide behind there true feelings and thoughts and are afraid to express themselves as is. They have to sugar coat what they think do and say.

Where Africans who who happen to be Ex – Slaves in America run around with muzzles on not able to express there thoughts. We allow the madness of being brain washed and forced fed hypocritical bigots rhetoric to be the rule of thumb. Who are you and what do you honor? Is Truth reality or is Fantasy your story? You accept what your punisher tells you as law! You have no time and place of your own to think freely, everything you do is within the confines of restriction.

When you finally break out the box of laws and restrictions and become the thoughts that are inside your mind than you will honestly be expressing your self correctly.

Do not be controlled by another person, monkey, cow, chicken, rat, simian, oppression, planned parent hood, history, television show, ministry, worship, religion, priest, cult, demand, word, persuasive argument and or people. This same person who don’t have you in his best interest because you are only learning one thing in this system and thats how to follow orders correctly. Slave is all you are and forever will be these are passed down by law:

Just to name a few

1675—An estimated 100,000 Africans are enslaved in the West Indies and another 5,000 are in British North America.

1676—Nathaniel Bacon leads an unsuccessful rebellion of whites and blacks against the English colonial government in Virginia.

1681—Maryland laws mandate that children of European servant women and African men are free.

1682—A new slave code in Virginia prohibits weapons for slaves, requires passes beyond the limits of the plantation and forbids self-defense by any African Americans against any European American.

1685—New York law forbids enslaved Africans and Native Americans from having meetings or carrying firearms.

1688—Quakers in Germantown, Pennsylvania denounce slavery in the first recorded formal protest in North America against the enslavement of Africans.

1690—By this year, all English colonies in America have enslaved Africans.

Enslaved Africans and Native Americans in Massachusetts plan a rebellion.

1692—The Virginia House of Burgesses enacts the Runaway Slave Law making it legal to kill a runaway in the course of apprehension.

1693—All fugitive Africans who have escaped slavery in the British colonies and fled to Florida are granted their freedom by the Spanish monarchy.

1694—The introduction of rice into the Carolina colony, ironically from West Africa, increases the need for labor for emerging plantations. This adds another factor to the economic justification and rationalization for expanding the slave trade.

life is … #9


Steven McNair (R.I.P.)
Steven McNair (R.I.P.)


Steve “Air” McNair (February 14, 1973 – July 4, 2009) a show of sympathy to one of my favorite foot ball players its a shame another life had to be taken in a violent way.


the guns that are used to kill people did not end up in the peoples hands by accident its an insane system, that allows more deaths then opportunity mainly to BLACK FOLK  in the world. We need to Stop The Volence by ending the gun producers. Lets fight that power …


rest in peace brother AIR McNair July 4th 2009



Whisper Sweet Nothings in your Brain = FREEDOM


Fela Kuti
Fela Kuti

With the greatest thoughts of love in sound I’ve prepared my mental to travel the world. Back by poplar demand me and capital thats needed to visit Africa. Finally my day has come and i’m off to see the land of Gold. A place where all my ancestors rest and my spirit can be very happy.


Sun Ra
Sun Ra

Some run around trying to find themselves in multiple religions thinking there saved from the hard reality they born into. Looking at Chicago as if it was a dream that only can claim those that never were. The hungry that always want more. You will always be the story that was left untold and the memory that remains in the distant searching and wishing that something or someone will help you. I walk away saying if this is all that you have got then you don’t have to much. Your mind is similar to your sexual activity limited like a short time. You can’t last one hour on the clock that I have. Why you run the loomis landscape looking for robert to taylor your outfit i’m sitting on parks of marble polished king driven LTD’s and crown vics from conservative lords that where black on yellow like bumble bees looking for honey in a Baduizm shopping for clothes at the plaza. 

The girl told the other girl on the chat line don’t trust him, he’s not right. While at the same time the other girl was playing games behind the others ones back. Your life is not rich when you manipulate your own struggle trying to reach an empty promise. Belief will always be a dream that was never lived. 


Fantasy rests in the hearts of children who never come in contact with reality using words from dictionaries to explain who they think allah is? Just about anybody can tell you anything and you will fall for it, just to be happy. The worthless nothing that you have come to be will always be a part of your reality.

facts vs. belief = nothing to debate


We live in a world full of false hope and empty promise. Where most of the things we think are based on what some one else said and lead you to think is right or wrong. No matter what you study and what you know the actual knowledge is unknown. To see is to know that your imagination works! And to to hear is to guess that sound is clear and that we can transmit (sound to reality {idea}).

So I pose the question what is actually there for us to pick up on. Nothing is absolute so we trust in the idea that our hearts our emotional enough to trasmit Love (a feeling an idea). We then in turn change that idea into our read reality. Meaning we read and learned that these emotions are what we are really transmiting.

So in essence nothing is truth and everything is belief, because before anything ever became real it didn’t exist? We turned our minds into traveling time machines where we take all thought and make it into science.

Love is pure innocence and absolute stupidity or freedom. Belief is wishing that something will happen! A statement turns out to be a dead end into another possiblility. What is What and when will it ever matter.

I had a dream last night or after I went to sleep around 3am about a woman being (Physical and Mental) abused by a man. Its a very disturbing episode that I have had in the past about the same person with the same type of men. The man is nothing like me (or what I imagine I am). Hes like this ideal figure for the woman in my dream this man buys her what she wants, is never on time, is not available to the woman emotionally, they never talk, they make love every now and then, she seems to love him because she has traded in her Range Rover (Me) for a cheap 1974 Pinto (the man who abuses her in my dream). Now in my consious mind i’m not perfect and I can not buy things for this woman but my assistance in life is PRICELESS (like the idea of the mastercard commercial). But this lover she has now is no count hes just a HOPE AND A DREAM. That she has accepted because she has low self esteem, I always told her I’d sserve greater purpose to you then to be near you and hurt you (because i’m dependable) not like the man who treated you wrong in my dream.

I guess I got that idea out good and it will all make sense one day. To any woman i’ve ever said something wrong to, was not as caring as I could be or just not of count please forgive me. Because in my heart (vision) I know (think) that i’m not as bad as this guy who abused you in my dream. Keep in my mind my love is Deep but I was always there in the passion and emotional department. Please tell your man to catch up to WHAT WE KNOW (think) LOVE (imagine) AND SECURITY TO BE!!!!!

I Promise to never lay a hand on you like he did.

A Man Called Him

cover girl but fine
cover girl but fine

You Believe in God but does God Believe in you. What is reality and what is fantasy. Did you know everything you know another person knew this before you. Every job you do in the united states is not owned by Independent BLACK OR AFRICAN AMERICANS / NUBIANS ETC … you work for some one other then your self.

Even if you are the president of the U.S. you are still not free. You still have to answer to some one that is WHITE to get things right. Think about it if every day you ask for help or are often in need of help, do you help some one else the same way if they need that help DAILY (YOU ARE SELFISH).

What is you greatest joy being alone or amongst others? Can you give what you receive? Are you only out for you every day? Are you happy at some point in time EVERY DAY? What makes you happy? Do you have to have everything go your way to be happy?

I’m happy minus the thought of what you say think and do. You appear to me as the devil you are evil. You do not exist.

Free Michael Vick – I’m Solo like a Single –

Days bring joy because the Sun is so Bright and Love is so El Debarge Songy – Broken be the language that I use

today i write
the thoughts
of when
and what
talk to me later
i’m still here

in the kitchen cooking
like a woman
spot blown
dude is almost gone
thoughts interact
and break down
the best part

go get your own approval
words of wisdom


i think allot of people come on here and look for approval for there lack of self esteem. They want to be accepted in a world they will never exist in … so they turn to people who they feel are greater then them to teach them WHAT THEY WILL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT (woke up from a bad dream with an Idea to paint or something) don’t tell me about yo wack peers


i keep the actual notion that one of the reason some of the greater minds don’t expand because the less greater want to get free pats on the back

I only talk to folk cause its positive thats it these people be then did 8 paintings and they want to talk to me like they freakin greaT (arrogance is not confidence)


the unsung don’t have to ask!!!!!!!!!


people want to write themselves in the history books


they see they self as something while doing nothing
nothing but sitting on they ass looking to collect more CASH

one of people told me i’m a very inspirational person .. yo please take heed to this idea the reason i’m inspirational is because I work constantly on making me better … GO DO THE SAME

no cover charge

2009 can you pay my bills bills bills
2009 can you pay my bills bills bills

I used to know this guy who was known for love. He was all sentimental when it came to who he loved. He was warm and gentle until it got to confidential. What had happened was, he was caught up in what he thought was love.

Here is a questions asked by most fools, what can I do for them? My answer is teach you how to do for yourself! And with that great instruction maybe you can help me do something besides want to have SEX with you. What is your worth outside the bed? Keeping in mine that I do help you in more ways then the bed! Hmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Guilt shame and pity controls the audience.

2009 when you see ass
2009 when you see ass

We define this feeling as over doing it and caught up in the moment. More then lust or sex this was a infatuation of a woman then it stopped.

In the coldest climate during the beginning of a new year a man was reborn. He woke up from laying on the ground, after stepping down from the clouds to learn the truth. Love is only what it is not any more then what he thinks it is ????

An answer can’t happen that easy as I shake my head and say no! I do not belong in this bad situation begging for more of the same ole nothing looking like a fool.

But love can wait forever because its a pure, and then its gone and wants to come back again. As a man I gamble for the right amount of ” i’m down stairs” and Hotep is peace like is he a “lil crazy”. I think so, thats why I vent like a central air cooling system.

2009 aint that just like a man
2009 aint that just like a man

The things that used to take seconds now take hours not for me but for you. No youth he says games are for fools. Children are smart in less then one week I Love you turns into some fool thinking that i said I’m in love with you. What happened to Love? I love You but i’m not In Love With You!

Don’t make me out to be a fool when I just said Love. Ok is this clear not slightly its a little two dimensional like a flat body girl.

So now every week I meet about 7 to 8 meets and no love is there not even one because I love you has turned into “I’m in Love with you” but I never said that.

I only told you that I Love the way you are! But was I thinking to open hearted.

An old man pointed out to me that Love is just a word when you are dealing with some woman. He said some of these womaN DON’T KNOW HOW TO LOVE BECAUSE SOME DUDE THEY TRUSTED BROKE THERE HEARTS SO MANY WAYS IT CAN NEVER COME BACK TOGETHER.

So they sit around being selective in the mind and ways and actions on what to do next but none of this stuff works because now they are like there buddha calls them a Bag Lady who looks for Jill Scott to save them … Not gonna happen. Thank you to the lady who pointed out to me that most of these woman are so insecure and use there desires as a measuring stick to who they are.

2009 legs and such
2009 legs and such

The intelligent are still trying to understand Dr. Neely Fuller as he breaks down his idea of there being 3 basic types of people in the known universe, that being white people, non-whites and white supremacists/racists. In his explanation, white people are “people who classify themselves as ‘white’ and have been classified as ‘white’, accepted as ‘white’… and who generally function as ‘white’ in all of the nine major areas of activity.” He defined non-whites as “people who have been classified as ‘non-white’, and/or who generally function as ‘non-white’ in their relationship with each other…” Last, white supremacists/ racists are “people who classify themselves as ‘white’, and who generally function as ‘white’, and who practice racial subjugation (based on ‘white’-‘non-white’, at any time, in any place, in any one, or more of the nine major areas of activity.”

Or even the thoughts of Phil Valentine or what ever it all means we need each other to expand and I do love you each and every last one of you all day and all night. I want you and 2 pm and you at 6 am to whom it may concern love is hard to earn!!!!

Sex for Bills or is it Love like I LOVE YOU = if you love me the way you want to be loved why is it so many obstacles to get to your love XXX men learn what love means XXX woman be the lovers you say you are!!!!


4 Th Month THE 16 DAY 2009 .. hmm I was Painting
4 Th Month THE 16 DAY 2009 .. hmm I was Painting


ok my rebellion is still against those folks who carry an image of Spiritual, Locks, Rasta, Metaphysical, “Deep”, Ancient, African, Cultured, Natural, Vegan, Vegiterian,Truth Seekers, Etc…
But don’t know the basics in THE Original Africans Pre Colonized shhh not even Civil Rights movement .. they can’t name one person or fight or anything BUT THEY ARE THE FIRST TO CLAIM REVOLUTIANARY (because of there image, or the mess they wear or pictures on they wall) what a sick joke .. the Internet can’t feed you tru Reality .. your white friends on TLC can’t inform you the right answers … BE THE RBG don’t talk it LIVE IT EVERY DAY

WHAT happened to the Black folks that want to be who they are and learn who they are .. its a living disgrace .. WANTING MORE did i think that then actually getting back to THE SUN MOON AND STARS

Love your self and your kind
peace to Africa and April for this weekend …