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2015 Hands Up In a Prison System art Marcellous Lovelace

2015 Hands Up In a Prison System art Marcellous Lovelace
2015 Hands Up In a Prison System art Marcellous Lovelace

2015 Hands Up In a Prison System art Marcellous Lovelace

Racism and America

LeBron James might have left the Cavs for the Heat, but suddenly there’s a lot more heat back in Cleveland.

According to the Associated Press, the Rev.Jesse Jackson is upset with an open letter written by Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbertafter his star player decided to move to Miami. The bitter comments directed toward the free agent sound like they’re directed at a “runaway slave,” according to Jackson.

Gilbert’s letter, addressed to his team’s fans, derided James as “narcissistic” and claimed that he “deserted” Cleveland.

The AP left messages for Gilbert, the Cavaliers, James and the NBA on Sunday night for reaction to Jackson, who said the comments in the letter “personify a slave master mentality” and that Gilbert should face a “challenge” from the league.


facts vs. belief = nothing to debate


We live in a world full of false hope and empty promise. Where most of the things we think are based on what some one else said and lead you to think is right or wrong. No matter what you study and what you know the actual knowledge is unknown. To see is to know that your imagination works! And to to hear is to guess that sound is clear and that we can transmit (sound to reality {idea}).

So I pose the question what is actually there for us to pick up on. Nothing is absolute so we trust in the idea that our hearts our emotional enough to trasmit Love (a feeling an idea). We then in turn change that idea into our read reality. Meaning we read and learned that these emotions are what we are really transmiting.

So in essence nothing is truth and everything is belief, because before anything ever became real it didn’t exist? We turned our minds into traveling time machines where we take all thought and make it into science.

Love is pure innocence and absolute stupidity or freedom. Belief is wishing that something will happen! A statement turns out to be a dead end into another possiblility. What is What and when will it ever matter.

I had a dream last night or after I went to sleep around 3am about a woman being (Physical and Mental) abused by a man. Its a very disturbing episode that I have had in the past about the same person with the same type of men. The man is nothing like me (or what I imagine I am). Hes like this ideal figure for the woman in my dream this man buys her what she wants, is never on time, is not available to the woman emotionally, they never talk, they make love every now and then, she seems to love him because she has traded in her Range Rover (Me) for a cheap 1974 Pinto (the man who abuses her in my dream). Now in my consious mind i’m not perfect and I can not buy things for this woman but my assistance in life is PRICELESS (like the idea of the mastercard commercial). But this lover she has now is no count hes just a HOPE AND A DREAM. That she has accepted because she has low self esteem, I always told her I’d sserve greater purpose to you then to be near you and hurt you (because i’m dependable) not like the man who treated you wrong in my dream.

I guess I got that idea out good and it will all make sense one day. To any woman i’ve ever said something wrong to, was not as caring as I could be or just not of count please forgive me. Because in my heart (vision) I know (think) that i’m not as bad as this guy who abused you in my dream. Keep in my mind my love is Deep but I was always there in the passion and emotional department. Please tell your man to catch up to WHAT WE KNOW (think) LOVE (imagine) AND SECURITY TO BE!!!!!

I Promise to never lay a hand on you like he did.