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a no one as nothing – 2013 They Don’t Care About Us art by Marcellous Lovelace

2013 They Dont Care About Us art by Marcellous Lovelace

2013 They Don’t Care About Us art by Marcellous Lovelace

2013 they dont care about us art by marcellous lovelace – black / colored children are killed daily by terrorist all over the world but no one cares – well i care about my community – self preservation – cheap social media attention – #showlove #stoptheviolence #cnn #marcellouslovelacestreetsart #marcellouslovelaceart #savesouls #soulblackart #Marcellouslovelace #socialmediafake #raygun1981 #raygun81 #mixedmedia #future #love #Chicagoartist #destroyevil www.marcellouslovelace.com every night these countries should give concern equally

nothing is where i see you
some don’t even exist
in the mist
in a haze
your self don’t amaze
you over relaxed
take step out the shade
be one with nature
as it defeats you
now you purpose is served
you are not
real people


kush woman: in love with your people you live and give don't kill but rebuild through this life we live (love)
kush woman: in love with your people you live and give don't kill but rebuild through this life we live (love)

black not a nightmare
scare or fear
but love and joy
for my peers
from south central to brooklyn
looking out the window
to see we flow
that how we grow
in perfect harmony
in sync with we
love for each other
no we do not preach
but meet
on city blocks
where we hate the cops
and run for our life
cause everything not right
but love
keeps us close
locked in a bond
from winter spring summer fall
tell you how come
its eyewitness
to live this life as one
don’t hide behind self
just grow and than some
love is ongoing
yes we teach to each
avoid that nonsense
and give to each
let us grow
and give to each us all
not ever for
a moment
will we reach our down fall
its love the helping hand
for black woman and man
what ever area we stand in LOVE


2009 Tears For Love
2009 Tears For Love

They exist as night and day
and carry the same collective thoughts
to give and to grow
to show and spread
the same energy
in a universe that lacks
the reception
to pick up on
what is actually needed
to survive
we should show
each other the correct way to
give and to live as a unit
being what we think and need
what we want as a desire
to show each and all passion
a law that is built
on one side to the other
we must shift things
in a fashion where
they must coexist
like babies we develop
like children we grow
into stages that wisdom is shown
giving us back what is life
for an eternity …

In What???

Nelson Mandela 1961
Nelson Mandela 1961

Sonny:  whats going on how are you doing today?

Jessy:  i’m doing good just trying to make it all work out, ya dig.

Sonny:  Yeah man thats good. I was thinking about something and you came up. I was wondering If you had some money?

Jessy:  What you talking bout man?

Sonny:   I need to borrow some money man, my truck in the shop and I need the cash to get it out!

Jessy:  So why you asking me?

Sonny:  I figured.

Jessy:  You figured what? That you’d ask another broke person for something you don’t have?

Sonny:  Man come on?

Jessy:  Come on? You need to get your stuff together? You have to do your own thing out here!

Sonny:  Thats bogus man, you just gonna front on me like that. Treat me like i’m not even a friend or some one you know? I will not forget that treatment. I will keep you in mind the next time a favor is needed!

Jessy:  Well you just do that! Sometimes you do have to look out for your self in this world.

Sonny:  What? Man you do that! I will not forget, just like a slave on a plantation known as the U.S.A.

Help Another …

2009 Hagar (the source who sees) by Marcellous Lovelace 11.5x15 print
2009 Hagar (the source who sees) by Marcellous Lovelace 11.5x15 print

Help Another 2009 Marcellous Lovelace

if you had the opportunity you wouldn’t help another
but if the other could help you, you would jump
taking all the excessive use from us all
thats called greed some folk are selfish
instead of helping others they take for self

its all about them and the things that they need
forgetting about the others who help
to complete those dreams
thinking in some odd reality that they are all alone
no one helps them please
you wouldn’t even be known if another didn’t bring

to you that positive energy
to create a greater chance
that one move right
for you to advance
and you think you give
when its all about you

look at what you gained
then look at the
people who helped you

u carry the mind state of a blind lost fool

Love is Easier than Hate by Marcellous Lovelace

Some work at

Marcellous Lovelace Art Work
Marcellous Lovelace Art Work

Some Don’t
Some have it
Some choke
looking for a moment
to determine
what you need
we walk that
honest path
where we
see most everything
whats reality
whats lies
what are todays
yesterdays goodbyes
change is constant
the sun glows
welcome home
where you belong
in the image of love
let your self go
and give your self easy
what was is now gone
no one will love you like me
because I love you honest
while you hate on my love
my love is promised

Relate before you Expect …

2002 I Can Hold You Tight - Marcellous Lovelace
2002 I Can Hold You Tight - Marcellous Lovelace

My words must be used before I forget I wrote them … Relate with a person before you expect anything … trust your intuitions and you RIGHT KNOWLEDGE …


Walk the path that you want to be seen on, give what you would want to have. Never live out of touch of reality. Don’t let people persuade you into giving something they don’t have. Thats walking blind, allot of folks are like vultures who eat off new and old flesh.

Predators of other souls looking to have there own, folks will seek out a fantasy faster than what’s right before them. Some folk even tend to think that they can’t have flaws.

I love all signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini’s, Cancers, Leo’s, Virgo’s, Libra’s, Scorpio’s, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces its all good with me … I seek the highest sign which is Etherian which is a pure gas state that can shape shift and drift into any metaphysical state that I chose .. with me being left handed and all.

Ok I write because I’m free I do because I’m me so don’t get alarmed I’m actually compatible with any body I want to be compatible with.

Love is in the All and All love is in me … “belief is what you hope for … hope is a form of imagination “i.e. DREAMS”  by Marcellous Lovelace” Look at life in the same fashion in which slaves dreamed of freedom, how mush of the dream is Reality?

buy my new book Life Between Her Legs by Marcellous Lovelace
buy my new book Life Between Her Legs by Marcellous Lovelace

life …

Printed: 50 pages, 6″ x 9″, perfect binding, black and white interior ink


A book of poetry with thoughts included. A woman told me i had a beautiful mind. I said in my mind that A AFRO NUBIAN WOMAN is the greatest thought in my mind.



A woman told me i had a beautiful mind. I said in my mind that A AFRO NUBIAN WOMAN is the greatest thought in my mind. So i’m looking at the connection between the two.

Love equals greatness and peace equals prosperity or something to that extent. I’m just a vessel of creative energy attempting to see my way beyond Armageddon. Final destruction and the last days. As a man I know who god is and she has to be my grandmother or some woman at that degree (level).

The thought of control in the most trying times comes from that energy that is woman. Born and birthed by the worlds most delicate creation though she’s allot more in sound right judgement.

She needs warmth, loyalty, lies, harmony, material things, flowers, time, church, state, government, freedom, insanity, selective memory, everything and nothing all at the same time. Crazy I might say, but the gods must be “Crazy”? Well maybe she’s just a little off to the right of wrong and thugs over pimps with allot of belief in her system.

Brothers just protect her because if you look at flowers and the sky or water and nature in all its peaceful glory and splendor you see what love is, so don’t harm love just learn to better Love, Love and than She will Love you.

The birth of a child is one of life’s greatest rewards protect and honor KNOWLEDGE WISDOM UNDERSTANDING TO OVER STANDING …. RIGHT

Fantasy is this World ???

with prayer and positive thoughts meet my new girl friend her name is Maliah "ONE MILLION DOLLARS" Michel or Marcellous Lovelaces wife is Rosario Dawson
I know the first thing you think when you came here and read my chaotic run on sentences and jargon poor punctuation etc … Look at this womanizing interesting person, yes thats a character. I must agree I’m a character but i’m also in reality and in reality you deal with allot of malicious fantasy. Meaning that most of the things in this world are not even real or to be taken as anything, mainly the people. The people are the fakest “things” we have to deal with. A bunch of racist cartoon characters and sale outs all wrapped up in one gumbo burrito. How nasty you might ask well just imagine what I think.

I’m just me all man all African all indigenous all what ever is before me from the sounds of Sade to the songs of Poor Righteous Teachers. To the books of Dr. John Henrick Clarke to the poetry of Saul Williams i’m me. Eating Veggie burgers or Brown Rice with Stir Fry Vegetables. To absolutely nothing ….

Nobody but me and myself alone with no thoughts just breathing and form of meditation RELIEF from the phony people that exist in this nasty stew!!!