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2013 You Are Your Minds Creation art by Marcellous Lovelace biko70

2013 You Are Your Minds Creation art by Marcellous Lovelace

2013 You Are Your Minds Creation art by Marcellous Lovelace http://www.marcellouslovelace.com #biko70

Perfecting the Mind

Perfecting the Mind

love to the natural state
The essence of Confucian teaching is to put the investigation of principles first, because each individual thing has its own law. This must be first understood, and then the phenomena of the mind will be seen to have in each case a standard by which their character may be estimated.

“To perfect the mind” means “to investigate things”, “to study exhaustively the laws of the universe ” and “to be possessed of a wide and far-reaching penetration”, and so to have that by means of which we may develop to their utmost extent the principles inherent in the mind.

The teaching of the sages is that with the mind we exhaustively investigate principles, and by following these principles we determine our attitudes to external things, just as the body uses the arm, and the arm the hand. Their doctrine is even and clear, their attitude broad and calm, their principles real, and the practice of them spontaneous.

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The expressions “guard your mind” and “make the mind true” do not mean that we are to be immersed in a condition of no-thought; but that we should be constantly on the watch, think upon what we ought to think upon, and not violate moral principles.

In the “investigation of things” and “perfecting of knowledge”, even though the response to environment be natural and easy, how can there be neglect of thought when approaching any matter? And still more, when we have not attained to that condition, how can we fail to exercise repeated thought?



THERE IS NO                            NATURAL RELIGION

[Series A]

The Argument   Man has no notion of moral fitness but from Education. Naturally he is only a natural organ subject to Sense.

  • I   Man cannot naturally percieve. but through his natural or bodily organs.
  • II  Man by his reasoning power. can only compare & judge of what he has already perceiv’d.
  • III  From a perception of only 3 senses or 3 elements none could deduce a fourth or fifth
  • IV  None could have other than natural or organic thoughts if he had none but organic perceptions
  • V  Mans desires are limited by his perceptions. none can desire what he has not perciev’d
  • VI  The desires & perceptions of man untaught by any thing but organs of sense, must be limited to objects of sense.

[Series B]

  • I  Mans perceptions are not bounded by organs of perception. he percieves more than sense (tho’ ever so acute) can discover.
  • II  Reason or the ratio of all we have already known. is not the same that it shall be when we know more.
  • [There is no Plate III in Blake’s printing]
  • IV  The bounded is loathed by its possessor. The same dull round, even of a univer[s]e, would soon become a mill with complicated wheels.
  • V  If the many become the same as the few, when possess’d, More! More! is the cry of a mistaken soul, less than All cannot satisfy Man.
  • VI  If any could desire what he is incapable of possessing, despair must be his eternal lot.
  • VII  The desire of Man being Infinite the possession is Infinite & himself Infinite

Conclusion.   If it were not for the Poetic or Prophetic character. the Philosophic & Experimental would soon be at the ratio of all things & stand still, unable to do other than repeat the same dull round over again

Application.   He who sees the Infinite in all things sees God. He who sees the Ratio only sees himself only.

Therefore God becomes as
we are, that we
may be as he

love this system? …. Man Called Him

Its a hardcore cold world when a Man has to pay child support to a woman for a child that is not his. I thought about this listening to the Michael Baisden ( http://www.michaelbaisden.com ) Show yesterday. 


Did you know that even if your wife went out and slept with another man against the will of love and romance etc … And this very nice and none threatening mother had sex with another man and had a child that you the Husband would still have to pay child support based on some states wonderful laws. Don’t you just love america and all the great things she stands for? Its such a great option for you to be a fool.

its said that 15 – 20% of all fathers may not be the father … http://paternityfraud.com/

Black people mainly shape up get ya stuff together, imagine how bad this can hurt us. We would be allot better off if we secured our own realities and start being good MEN AND WOMAN period. Learn to Love and show unity to the next, than we will not be asking some white judgement maker to think for us. We need to develop and create our own societies. We need our own worlds that are based on what we experienced in this Black Holocaust known as America.



The ready availability of genetic fingerprinting allows men suspicious of paternity fraud to request a paternity test to make positive identification of the father. In many countries, such tests require the consent of the mother or an order made by afamily court though this is not universally true.

Access to such testing is restricted in some jurisdictions as it is held to not be in the best interests of the child for such information to become available. A man finding out that the child is not his biological child contrary to information supplied by the mother may result in his rejection of the child or mother. 


Jim Knapp AKA Jim “Jones”

  • Jim Knapp AKA Jim “Jones”[7], was found to not have fathered a child for whom he was paying child support after a 12 year battle in the California court system.
  • Sixteen months after his divorce, Richard Parker, a Florida resident, discovered the child he was paying support for was not his via DNA testing. Florida justices ruled 7-0 against him, stating that Parker must continue to pay $1,200 a month in child support because he had missed the one-year post divorce deadline for filing his lawsuit. His court-ordered payments would total more than $200,000 over 15 years to support a child she had with another man.

ready pace


2009 Nyame Biribi Wo Soro Hope
2009 Nyame Biribi Wo Soro Hope

hope its true that things work out and we grab a hold of ourselves … loyal observant passion dynamic … thats me!


so i sit still and avoid all nonsense that appears share me with others or think thoughts about me, i’m left handed anyway so my characteristics are not the same as others.


I sleep on tired folks and wake up to those that have enough depth to be accountable to something that already happened. As I stand still looking at the moon and turn the style to something new and make this all a common pace to the brain. So people hate to a place thats not real, some where in you is hate. You work hard to be another person but never really learn self.


Will last year ever happen again I think not.

dries fast and clear

wild art work
wild art work

to save her self from knowing the past she walks into a world of the unknown and is right back where she started. tolerance was the goal but like an addict she couldn’t resist temptation.

What part of the television show is this, may i assist you into that empty cloud of what ever you bring out of yourself. the lady asked what’s the matter, what’s new can i get all in your business? no one asks anything but what can they gain. And we all walk towards her coming towards the river flows. And drips drop from the pants bottom.

I calmly told the woman to chill out you are giving me psycho drama trying to read so deeply into every motion of life. Nothing is reality all of this is a short script. Another narrative about nothing.

no more of us killing us and who will rid the world of filth and get our minds right we still ask.

facts vs. belief = nothing to debate


We live in a world full of false hope and empty promise. Where most of the things we think are based on what some one else said and lead you to think is right or wrong. No matter what you study and what you know the actual knowledge is unknown. To see is to know that your imagination works! And to to hear is to guess that sound is clear and that we can transmit (sound to reality {idea}).

So I pose the question what is actually there for us to pick up on. Nothing is absolute so we trust in the idea that our hearts our emotional enough to trasmit Love (a feeling an idea). We then in turn change that idea into our read reality. Meaning we read and learned that these emotions are what we are really transmiting.

So in essence nothing is truth and everything is belief, because before anything ever became real it didn’t exist? We turned our minds into traveling time machines where we take all thought and make it into science.

Love is pure innocence and absolute stupidity or freedom. Belief is wishing that something will happen! A statement turns out to be a dead end into another possiblility. What is What and when will it ever matter.

I had a dream last night or after I went to sleep around 3am about a woman being (Physical and Mental) abused by a man. Its a very disturbing episode that I have had in the past about the same person with the same type of men. The man is nothing like me (or what I imagine I am). Hes like this ideal figure for the woman in my dream this man buys her what she wants, is never on time, is not available to the woman emotionally, they never talk, they make love every now and then, she seems to love him because she has traded in her Range Rover (Me) for a cheap 1974 Pinto (the man who abuses her in my dream). Now in my consious mind i’m not perfect and I can not buy things for this woman but my assistance in life is PRICELESS (like the idea of the mastercard commercial). But this lover she has now is no count hes just a HOPE AND A DREAM. That she has accepted because she has low self esteem, I always told her I’d sserve greater purpose to you then to be near you and hurt you (because i’m dependable) not like the man who treated you wrong in my dream.

I guess I got that idea out good and it will all make sense one day. To any woman i’ve ever said something wrong to, was not as caring as I could be or just not of count please forgive me. Because in my heart (vision) I know (think) that i’m not as bad as this guy who abused you in my dream. Keep in my mind my love is Deep but I was always there in the passion and emotional department. Please tell your man to catch up to WHAT WE KNOW (think) LOVE (imagine) AND SECURITY TO BE!!!!!

I Promise to never lay a hand on you like he did.

Harolds Chicken … extra mild Sauce


83rd and Ashland - Harold's Chicken
83rd and Ashland - Harold's Chicken

Life can be like a Harold’s Chicken Store. Kinda Expensive for what they serve (meaning to much junk for so much extra). In our common way of thinking we all share some type of opinion about things. What real what’s fake what’s true and what’s false. Its all left up to who says it and who believes what you put out there? The catch is based on what a professor of mine told me is to give it to the people as easy as possible. So we are back to the basics 4 wings and Allot of Mild Sauce please, is what you have to say to the older woman behind the counter. Please is a courtesy to get you at least one extra wing or some more fries or something! But not at an arrogant stanky acting hole in the wall Harold’s they will be funky no matter how much of Beyonce’s Perfume they wear. 

People are there own self right over hyped image of reality. They only think what they say is right and what others feel is wrong (yes wrong because if it was right you wouldn’t waste time on the clock debating that there idea is wring) or you wouldn’t force feed the rhetoric down there mouth. Reminds me of some Catfish Nuggets with Extra Mild Sauce please. Hmmmmmm Opinions are what they seem like some one else’s thought that you can or cannot give any just reason towards. 

Once upon a time we were all so simple and we loved naturally and went for what ever was said until we were Heart Broken by the stone cold truth of any matter. Then we come into a world of pure experience and reality. The Facts stare at you every day when you living out side your comfort zone and ability. 



2009 learn to trust her mind
2009 learn to trust her mind