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Haitian Ambassador appeals for hospital ships

Raymond Alcide Joseph
Raymond Alcide Joseph

Raymond Alcide Joseph.
Haiti’s Ambassador to the US Raymond Alcide Joseph is appealing to the international community for hospital ships.

Mr. Joseph says Haiti’s First Lady Elizabeth Preval had asked for the ships as several hospitals in the capital Port-au-Prince had collapsed during the earthquake.

“I didn’t talk to her but our Consul General in Miami did and she said please ask the world, ask the United States to help us with the hospital ships as what happened in 2008 when they sent one to the waters of Port-au-Prince. A hospital ship is a must for us now because some of our hospitals have been affected, have collapsed, so we need that kind of support,” he said.

He also said that the first lady requested that countries help with thesearch to find survivors as well as the dead buried beneath the rubble.

“She also asked for first respondents, people who can come in with dogs to look for the living or even the dead under the debris,” he said.