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NEW ALBUM: Reading My Book Parts Hue by Infinito2017

Reading My Book Parts Hue by Infinito2017

Infinito 2017 - Reading My Book Part Hue_online

This album was produced 1-1-2015, recorded 1-2-2015 and art work / mixed / arranged 1-3-2015. For the love of creativity and making music live at the Sonic Residency for African Musical Achievement on the South Side of Chicago, IL. An album of Definitive thoughtful Soul Music from Infinito 2017 for 7102 crafted as a performance art sound project. http://www.infinito2017.com |Produced, Arranged and Written by Marcellous Lovelace [Infinito One ASCAP] Art work by Marcellous Lovelace http://www.marcellouslovelace.com

BUY ALBUM: https://infinito2017.bandcamp.com/album/reading-my-book-part-hue