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In What???

Nelson Mandela 1961
Nelson Mandela 1961

Sonny:  whats going on how are you doing today?

Jessy:  i’m doing good just trying to make it all work out, ya dig.

Sonny:  Yeah man thats good. I was thinking about something and you came up. I was wondering If you had some money?

Jessy:  What you talking bout man?

Sonny:   I need to borrow some money man, my truck in the shop and I need the cash to get it out!

Jessy:  So why you asking me?

Sonny:  I figured.

Jessy:  You figured what? That you’d ask another broke person for something you don’t have?

Sonny:  Man come on?

Jessy:  Come on? You need to get your stuff together? You have to do your own thing out here!

Sonny:  Thats bogus man, you just gonna front on me like that. Treat me like i’m not even a friend or some one you know? I will not forget that treatment. I will keep you in mind the next time a favor is needed!

Jessy:  Well you just do that! Sometimes you do have to look out for your self in this world.

Sonny:  What? Man you do that! I will not forget, just like a slave on a plantation known as the U.S.A.