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robotic monkeys

people please stop allowing your self to be victims of your minds by being controlled by what surrounds you ::: freedom of choice is within ::: you are admitting to being a Machine when you cannot make your own choices independently and

A loyal person cares about more than there own best interest ::: In the war on survival in life a true solider stays to fight for the troops and never abandons the company ::: You are not down if you will watch your tribe get killed and you run away ::: eventually you will be terminated alone ::: Family to the end :::

The Knowing


Numbers and Thoughts
Numbers and Thoughts



Keep your mind and soul as light as a youth. Think patient don’t take in to many things that you don’t want to handle. You do not have to understand what you don’t understand. 


Keep your own focus and stay aware of what you need. Be you don’t live life attempting to be another. If you are an alcoholic, prostitute, porn star, ignorant fool, dirty scum bag, million air, man with tight pants, into odd Ambiguity what ever you do thats your thing. I don’t have to like you at all, just keep you at a distance. 


Ambiguity is different from vagueness, which arises when the boundaries of meaning are indistinct. So think about knowing something and taking that thing as being exact with out a clouded judgement? You are able to take things and carry on. 


I used to do nonsense like keep my phone text, until I walked into a stage of I don’t careness and I started deleting All at the same time. If any person was that special they would share special time with you on a regular basis. 


When you actually look out at the world how important is it to you? How meaningful is this world to you? Is it what we think it is or is it a figment of our own definitions. Let it all go and keep your heart light as a feather, fall or stand in love and live your life.



A woman told me i had a beautiful mind. I said in my mind that A AFRO NUBIAN WOMAN is the greatest thought in my mind. So i’m looking at the connection between the two.

Love equals greatness and peace equals prosperity or something to that extent. I’m just a vessel of creative energy attempting to see my way beyond Armageddon. Final destruction and the last days. As a man I know who god is and she has to be my grandmother or some woman at that degree (level).

The thought of control in the most trying times comes from that energy that is woman. Born and birthed by the worlds most delicate creation though she’s allot more in sound right judgement.

She needs warmth, loyalty, lies, harmony, material things, flowers, time, church, state, government, freedom, insanity, selective memory, everything and nothing all at the same time. Crazy I might say, but the gods must be “Crazy”? Well maybe she’s just a little off to the right of wrong and thugs over pimps with allot of belief in her system.

Brothers just protect her because if you look at flowers and the sky or water and nature in all its peaceful glory and splendor you see what love is, so don’t harm love just learn to better Love, Love and than She will Love you.

The birth of a child is one of life’s greatest rewards protect and honor KNOWLEDGE WISDOM UNDERSTANDING TO OVER STANDING …. RIGHT